The Best Souvenirs From Israel

Your trip to Israel was memorable, filled with culture, history, sightseeing, and of course, amazing food. Now you want to pick up a few of the best souvenirs from Israel to keep the memories alive. Whether you are stocking up on gifts for your friends and family back home or looking to bring a little memento for yourself, Israel is full of specialized gifts. A few classic souvenir items that are worth making extra room in your suitcase for. Here are the best souvenirs from Israel.

Israeli Wine

There are hundreds of wineries found throughout Israel, some large-scale operations and some small boutique brands. Wine is also a large part of Israeli culture and Judaism, and kosher wine is very common in Israel. The climate of the region and the advanced water drip irrigation system have made grape growth more fruitful in Israel. Some Israeli wine makes a perfect souvenir for a wine connoisseur.

Spend a day of your Israel trip in luxury and bring home some delicious bottles of wine when you enjoy any of our wine tours

israeli wine winery souvenir

Olive Oil Souvenirs From Israel

You likely sampled some of the olive oil while eating out in the many restaurants and cafes in Israel, or nibbled on a few fresh olives alongside your falafel. The holy land is filled with olive groves, especially in the Galilee region. It’s famous for its production of high-quality olive oil. Its definitely worth stocking up on some extra virgin olive oil as a souvenir from Israel.

olive oil israel souvenir take home

Diamonds From Israel

The diamond industry has existed in Israel since the beginning of the 20th century upon the inauguration of the first diamond-cutting facility. The diamond exchange in Israel is the largest in the world. Additionally, it is known to export over $7 billion in diamonds on a global scale. Many high-end stores sell local diamonds.

Enjoy a private tour of the diamond exchange and learn about the industry first-hand and leave with a special sparkling souvenir from Israel.

Judaica Souvenirs

From candlesticks and menorahs to seder plates and Hamsot, if you are looking to bring some Judaica home with you, the holy land is the place to get it. Many artists handcraft beautiful works of art that make for memorable keepsakes of your experience in Israel. This is the perfect way to keep a lasting connection.

The number one place to get authentic Judaica souvenirs, as well as beautiful emblems of other faiths, is the Old City of Jerusalem.

Visit the Old City one morning of your Israel trip to stock up on some trinkets to take home.

jewish hamsot souvenirs from jerusalem old city

Uniquely Designed Jewelry

Israel is filled with artisans creating unique jewelry pieces from silver, gold, and natural stones. Often metalsmiths will engrave both in English and Hebrew for special personalized gifts. Many jewelers in Israel will make customized pieces depending on what you are looking for. It is worth checking out our handpicked collection of jewelry  or our typographic jewelry collection from talented Israeli artisans.

israel jewelry

Olivewood Carvings

There is an ancient Palestinian tradition that lives on today: the skillful artisan work of olivewood carvings. These beautiful religious carvings, most classically of nativity scenes, are handmade by local artists. In Bethlehem, you can find authentic carvings by local Palestinian artists. What better place to purchase such a piece than in the very site of the nativity? Visit Bethlehem for the day to snag one of these unique items.

Israeli Dates

Israeli dates are a healthy delicacy that taste like candy, and you can find them in all forms. Fresh to dried, or right off the tree, they melt in your mouth. Piled high in the markets such as Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market, fresh Medjool dates are everywhere in Israel. They are also much cheaper to purchase in Israel than in western countries. Dried dates last for quite a while, making them easy to travel with and a must-buy souvenir from Israel.

Israeli Ceramics

israel souveniers

From Biblical pottery to modern-day works of art, there is a vibrant art scene in Israel and many ceramics to choose from. You will come across many different styles and techniques all throughout Israel and if you see something you like, it’s worth buying it on the spot! However, it is worth noting if you are walking through the shuk (market) chances are you will only mass-produced pieces.

If you are looking for a more unique souvenir piece that is hand-done it’s better to look in small boutiques or local artist markets, like the Nachalat Binyamin market in Tel Aviv that opens on Tuesdays and Fridays. Get to know this area on the Tel Aviv walking tour.

Bamba, Bisli, and Chocolate

Israel is known for having many snacks, and what better way to connect to the local culture than by eating the regional snacks. Bamba, the puffy peanut-flavored corn snack, is addictive and light, making it easy to pack a few bags in your suitcase. Bisli is another Israeli staple, a savory, crunchy snack that comes in different shapes and flavors, like grill and falafel. Lastly, Israeli chocolate is always popular and locally made, making it the perfect Israel souvenir that is inexpensive and delicious to bring home to friends.

More Edible Souvenirs From Israel

Silan – Date honey is a great, sweet alternative to regular honey. Make sure you have enough room to bring it home, as the jars can be quite heavy, but this sweet treat is worth it

Za’atar – A special blend of Mediterranean spices that is used in a lot of Israeli cooking. This spice can be purchased fresh from the marketplaces or in local grocery stores. Take it home with you as a souvenir from Israel to add a dash of Israeli flavor to your cooking.

Black Coffee – Israel is known for its coffee, ranging from espressos, “cafe hafuch” (the Israeli version of a cappuccino), and black Turkish coffee “cafe shachor”. Spiced with cardamom and served piping hot, it is worth buying some black coffee to bring home with you.

You can pick up the coolest souvenirs on any one of these Israel tours. Just make sure you leave lots of room in your suitcase!

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