Extreme Sports in Israel

Extreme sports in Israel are ever popular and wide ranging, and from sea to land, high to low, and even beneath ground, almost every extreme sport conceivable is possible in Israel. With its varied geography and good year-round climate, Israel is well suited for many sports: watersports are immensely popular on the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Sea of Galilee coastlines, caving, canyoning, and the like, take advantage of the rocky Negev Desert, especially in the Dead Sea area, as well as the Galilee and Judean Hills, whilst you can also ski, paraglide, snowboard, sandboard, kayak, dive, climb, mountain bike, ATV, and even more.

Surfing in Tel Aviv by Flickr user werkunz1
Surfing in Tel Aviv by Flickr user werkunz1

Watersports in Israel take advantage of the Mediterranean coastline in particular, although are also very popular in the Red Sea city of Eilat, and on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Israeli’s have had much success in watersport competitions, in particular with windsurfing and kitesurfing, but other possible and popular watersports include kayaking, surfing, and diving.

Taking advantage of Israel’s amazing geography caving, canyoning, water canyoning, and climbing are extreme sports in Israel taking place across the country. In the Dead Sea Region in particular, and across the wider Negev Desert, the unique and challenging terrain make for a great challenge when participating in these sports. For instance, the longest cave in the world, 5km in length, is located close to the Dead Sea. In addition, the limestone hills of the Galilee and Judean Hills provide different, yet equally challenging and rewarding experiences.

Caving in Israel
Caving in Israel

Moving above ground and beyond paragliding in Israel has become a very popular activity. The country’s climate means that this is an all-year-round activity and thus draws gliders from around the world who fly high above Biblical sites in the Galilee, the Mediterranean coastline, and nature reserves in the Golan. For those who are a little less adventurous, hot air balloons provide another unique perspective from which to see the land, and an experience that will surely last forever.

In the winter months, Israel has its own winter sports resort at Mount Hermon where skiing and snowboarding are popular. In addition, year-round dry-ski-slopes can be found across the country. Whilst cycling has become a national sensation, taking this off-road is increasingly popular with mountain bike tracks being formed all the time (including one at Mount Hermon in the summer months). There are hundreds of possible bike tours in Israel. If you prefer to be propelled by motor, ATV quad bikes are very popular ways to experience the country, as are jeep tours of Israel where you can combine a unique experience with a real adventure. Or, if you prefer to travel at a slower pace, you go horseback riding across the country, or partake in the amazing range of hikes across Israel for a few hours, or even weeks.

In the desert south, explore by jeep or take the adventure to another level by sandsurfing in the Negev.

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