Canyoning in Israel

Canyoning in Israel is one extreme sport that has become ever popular in Israel, taking advantage of the country’s diverse geography. Both in the Negev Desert in the south of the country, and the rugged Golan Heights in the north, the diverse landscapes make opportunities for canyoning, a sport in which you climb down a cliff-face (harnessed in of course) abundant. Of course, because of the nature of this activity, you need to go canyoning in Israel with an organized group or licensed guide, however that’s a small mountain to overcome when compared to the descent…

Going Canyoning in Israel

Canyoning in Israel is a widespread activity charged with energy. Its a truly unforgettable adventure. The true adventure is the various ascents and descents, overcoming the obstacles, sometimes even by swimming, all in breathtaking surroundings with astonishing views of nature! The most beautiful and deep gorges in Israel have cascade waterfalls up to 120 meters high and are in the Dead Sea area, the Golan Heights, and in the Eilat Mountains.

The best time of year for a canyoning tour in the south of the country and the Dead Sea area in particular, is the period from October to April. The weather in the lowest point of the planet in the winter season is warm and comfortable, and in the spring the desert flourishes with all the colors of the rainbow! It’s truly incredible.

In the North of Israel, the activity can take place during the summer months, and at the Black Canyon in the Golan Heights, arguably the most impressive canyon in Israel, the water which you’ll hike or swim through makes for an amazing way to cool off in the summer months.

The Experience

So what happens? All is prepared for the descent. You are safely fastened, the instructor for the last time scrupulously checks yours and his equipment and says with a smile: “Well, ready to go?”

You’re standing on the edge of the cliff, with your back to the precipice and you need to make the first step into the abyss… This step is the scariest. Overcoming the fear of the first step, you pull the rope and gently start to go down, slightly touching the cliff. At some point, the rock is little by little getting away from you and you are continuing the descent in the air. The rope is turning you around with the face to the precipice and you’re getting the first giant flash of euphoria.

Taking a Canyoning Tour

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