Sand Boarding in Israel

Sand boarding is one sport that requires large areas of desert sand dunes. And Israel has that! With over 50% of Israel covered by the Negev Desert, sand surfing in the Negev in southern Israel is the ultimate thrill-seekers experience in the desert. And better still, it’s incredibly simple.

Starting from the road, you’ll travel by jeep across the dunes of the Negev stopping by a clear and suitable sand dune (selected for the age of your group). There are two forms of sandboard available:

  • Sandboard (similar to a snowboard)
  • Or a plastic surf board (that somewhat resembles a toboggan), great for kids

ou’ll head to the top of a sand dune and gaze down across the surrounding desert and the intimidating slope that stands in front of you. Sit down, push off, and you’ll experience the thrill of traveling at high speed down the dune. It’s a super-special and exhilarating experience.

Whilst it is possible to sand surf anywhere there are sand dunes, the main region for sand surfing in Israel is in Ramat Negev, between Beer Sheva and Mitzpe Ramon. It can be arranged either as an activity for a group big or small, or can be enjoyed alongside a jeep tour of the Negev, or along with a desert meal experience.

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