Best Places to Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in Israel

There are so many amazing places to watch the sunrise and sunset in Israel. The country’s small but diverse landscapes make you feel as though you’re traveling through several different countries. You can watch the orange sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv, and the following morning, see it rise from ancient Masada fortress, casting its light over the Dead Sea.

Sunrise and sunset in Israel

The views across the unique landscapes instantly cause you to feel as though the entire world has stopped, and a sudden sense of calm will embrace you. There is something so awe-inspiring about seeing the sunrise and sunset, especially when you’re in a land packed with so much history and stunning landscapes.

Seeing the sunset and sunrise at least once is an absolute must during your trip to Israel. They make for the perfect start to a day before heading out on an exciting tour or a great way to start a night before dining at one of Tel Aviv’s top restaurants or having a drink at one of Tel Aviv’s best bars. Here are the top places to watch the sunrise and sunset on your trip to Israel. 

Sunrise atop an ancient fortress

Sunrise at Masada

Catching the sunrise at Masada is a bucket list Israel experience that you won’t want to miss. As one of Israel’s most Instagrammable spots, the early wake-up call and steep climb up to the fortress are justified when you reach the top. You have panoramic views of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian Moab Mountains and during sunrise, the sun illuminates the entire sky in orange and red. The most convenient way to catch this sunrise is on an organized tour.

Sunrise across the Red Sea

Sunrise at the Red Sea

Watching the sunrise over the Red Sea and the red Jordanian mountains is one of the top experiences to have in Eilat, Israel’s most southern city. When the sun starts to rise, the red stone mountains radiate and their color is reflected onto the sea below. The best thing about Eilat is that it’s hot year-round, so taking a dip in the sea while the sun is rising is totally feasible. Head to the Eilat Underwater Observatory, particularly to the Peace Terrace, to see Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel simultaneously. For more activities in and around Eilat, check out this list.

Sunset atop the world’s largest erosion crater

Sunset at Mitzpe Ramon

We can guarantee that you’ve never seen a sunset like this before. Mitzpe Ramon is one of the top natural attractions in Israel to see, and during sunset, the area is particularly stunning. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, hopeless romantics, and yogis alike, the views will cause you to feel like you’ve been transported to outer space. The crater is one of Israel’s most fantastic sites, and the views here are otherworldly.

Sunset across the Old City of Jerusalem

Sunset in Jerusalem's Old City

Sunset is the best time to catch the sun setting over the ancient walls of the Old City. Go to the Western Wall during sunset to see it highlighted by the setting sun. This would be a perfect activity to finish off the day after our Old City walking tour. Friday evening is an especially magical time to be at the Western Wall, when people recite the traditional Sabbath prayers and songs.

Sunset in the White City

Sunset in Tel Aviv

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Israel, for both the beauty and the lively atmosphere, is Tel Aviv. Swarms of people head to the beach in the evening during the summer months to take in the sun melting over the Mediterranean Sea. After touring the city, catch a spot on the sand, walk along the Tel Aviv promenade, or have a meal at Manta Ray while taking in the stunning surroundings. To see the sunset like a pro, join this Jaffa sunset tour, where you’ll explore Tel Aviv’s ancient neighborhood at dusk.

Sunset at the Lowest Place on Earth

Sunset at the Dead Sea

Sunset is one of the best times to experience the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Float in the salty waters as you take in the descending sun shimmering over the waters. The unique properties of the landscape provide for some of the most ethereal sunsets you will ever see. Looking for the best way to tour the area? Explore our tour options around the Dead Sea and beyond.

Sunset in a Mystical Village

safed sunset tsfat

Safed is one of Israel’s four holy cities, and is said to be where Jewish mysticism originates. The small village is home to some of Israel’s most beautiful hidden gems, including what some say is one of the most spectacular sunsets in Israel. See it for yourself on this day tour of Safed and the Golan heights, which culminates in this beautiful northern sunset.

Where will you end your day in Israel?

We’ve detailed 7 of the most beautiful places to see the sun rise and set in Israel, but there are many more off-the-beaten-track places to witness this natural wonder in Israel. Whether its watching the sun rise over the lowest point in the world or taking a moment of quiet to see the Sunset before exploring Tel Aviv by the last rays of the day, we know it will be a sight you won’t soon forget.

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