Best Hidden Bars in Tel Aviv

Some of the best bars in Tel Aviv are hidden from the tourist trail. As well as the big nightlife destinations – bars and clubs which fill the city, the real Tel Aviv nightlife happens in hidden bars – intimate, local, and incredibly unique. Here, we reveal the best hidden bars in Tel Aviv – those places which you’d never find on your own, not in a million years, and those places which are special amid the diverse Tel Aviv nightlife. See also the best dining bars in Tel Aviv.

The Best Hidden Bars in Tel Aviv

hidden bars tel aviv

Next Door

Next Door is a small cozy bar, belonging to the well known meat restaurant “meat bar”. The bar has great music and great food. They also have an awesome happy hour on wine. This is the perfect place for a very intimate date, just be prepared to be in close proximity with one another- there is only room for about 10 people inside.

52 Chen Blvd

K Bar

There’s a chance you’ve passed this bar dozens of times but completely disregarded its door. In doing so, you’ve missed out on discovering a vibrant and energetic bar that comes to life in the wee hours of the morning. Situated in the middle of Herzl street, the intimate bar wakes up just as other bars are going to sleep. Every night there’s a different DJ. If you’re a night owl, it’s the perfect place for you to get in that last drink before calling it a night.

Herzl St. 4


Many people are familiar with the extravagant and suave Bellboy bar located in Hotel B Berdichevsky. But, less familiar to individuals looking to throw back some deliciously crafted cocktails is the Butler. This tiny one-room bar is actually situated inside of the Bellboy. It offers drinkers an intimate experience that awakens all of the senses. The room is decked out in paintings and mason jars filled with creatures of the sea like squid brains. They make brilliant-tasting cocktails with dramatic names like the “Corpse Reviver” and “Stinger Cocktail.” The Butler is the perfect date spot.

Berdyczewski St 14

best hidden bars tel aviv

Jasper John’s

While many nightlife enthusiasts are familiar with Jasper, fewer people know that there is a hidden speakeasy in the back named Johns. Jasper John’s is situated in the middle of Dizengoff street amidst dozens of other bars. It can be easy to miss this gem of a place, but missing it is a true loss. John’s is a quaint little bar serving up impressive and delicious cocktails. They also have a menu with some great bites. Happy hour is at John’s only, and is 1+1 from 18:00 and 21:00. This is definitely the place to start, or end, your night.

Dizengoff St 190

Bar Barbounia

You may have dined at one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic middle eastern fish restaurants, Barbunia, but if you haven’t been to their bar, you haven’t been doing things right. In that case, you have your weekend plans set. You’re welcome. The bar might have room for only 30 people, but the small atmosphere maintains the intimacy and keeps the secret from getting across to too many people. It is one of Tel Aviv’s best hidden secrets.


Guestroom is the perfect outing for those who appreciate tailor made cocktails and an easy going atmosphere. The unassuming but accomplished bar is perfect for a meet up with old friends or as a date; you’re guaranteed to have an awesome night. Plus, there is happy hour is from Sunday-Thursday from 18:00-20:00 with 50% off alcohol. The cocktail menu is rotated on a weekly basis. There are sometimes even multiple menus on one night. Round 2, anybody?

Mikve Israel 26

The Prince

If old vintage sofas perched on top of an old Bahaus style building inspires you, you’ll want to cancel your plans tonight and head to The Prince. Whether you’re looking for a chill place for Friday day drinking or a night place for a date, The Prince is your spot.

18 Nahalat Binyamin St


The Texidermy is located near the old police station and is unique for its atmosphere. Decorated with different stuffed animals it is definitely one of the most special bars in Tel Aviv.

18 Harakevet St


Set at the end of a small alley off Allenby street, you’ll find one of the most popular bars with tourists and locals alike. Being in the city that never sleeps, you can find something happening at the Sputnik on most days of the week. Weekends especially are a great time to come hang out with friends, grab a drink, and interact with locals. Insider tip: head downstairs for the DJ and dancing.

122 Allenby St

Radio EPGB

Radio EPGB is, without a doubt, the hottest bar in Tel Aviv. Located on the bottom floor of an old office building, Radio EPGB presents the best music in town, varying from fast beating electro to oldies and jazz

7 Shadal St


Recently moved to its new location on Herzl, what was once the beloved Rothschild 12 is now Herzl 16. Herzl 16 is a crowd favorite among both the wine lovers, the beer drinkers, and those just out to have a good time. The bar/restaurant is situated in an open courtyard and regularly hosts events. Come for breakfast, stay for lunch, and slowly make your way into the evening for some drinks.

16 Herzl St


One of the most popular bars in Tel Aviv for both locals and tourists, the Kuli Alma is one of the hottest spots to visit in Tel Aviv. You’d easily miss the underground bar if it wasn’t for the line of people outside and the buildup of party goers on any the week. Kuli Alma hosts a variety of events like concerts and art exhibitions, not to mention some awesome DJs and graffiti. It’s one of the best bars in Tel Aviv to come get your dance on and drink a tubi slushie.

10 Mikve Israel St 

Visiting Tel Aviv’s Hidden Bars

While it is possible to explore the hidden bars of Tel Aviv on your own, because of their nature, knowing the right person can make a real difference in getting to the best bars and having the best time.

The Tel Aviv Pub Crawl Nightlife Tour is the ultimate way to experience the city that never sleeps. You’ll party it up in Tel Aviv’s hottest bars and clubs while meeting other travelers and locals. The tour is led by a Tel Aviv guide who knows the ins and the outs of the city’s nightlife.

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