Hot Air Balloons in Israel

For a majestic, less physically demanding way to see Israel, from above try a hot air balloon. From 500 meters far above the land, standing in a basket, the romanticism of flying in a hot air balloon is uniquely infectious. Hot air balloons in Israel are increasingly popular with Israelis and tourists alike and take place in both the Galilee and Negev regions, with some of the most breathtaking rides taking you high above the Galilee hills in the Mount Gilboa area.

Hot air ballooning in the Negev
Hot air ballooning in the Negev

Hot air ballooning is a beautiful and peaceful experience, drifiting calmly along with the winds, and ascending almost naturally in a machine which appears almost to defy the laws of gravity. Balloons tend to be controlled largely by the wind, with the pilot controlling the altitude and floating the balloon in a direction in which it will pick up the right air current.

In the north of Israel hot air balloons provide breathtaking views across the green land, the hills and valleys, the pretty little villages, moshavim and kibbutzim which adorn the land, and the sites of history, the Bible, and modern activity.

Preparing for a balloon flight
Preparing for a balloon flight

In the Negev in the south of Israel, you can travel above the rocky desert, taking in geographical wonders, and witnessing from above some remarkable green settlements where people embrace the challenges of the desert, as well as Bedouin farms, and maybe even spot some of the incredible animals who live in this harsh place.

Hot Air Balloon Flights in Israel

Hot air balloon flights can last anywhere between 45 minutes and 90 minutes and the length is largely dependent on the wind conditions. Flights cost in the region of $225 per person (varying seasonally) but it is possible to take VIP flights and other packages such as ballooning safaris which take you through the skies for a couple of days. Other flights include the champagne landings that have become characteristic of this unique pursuit, or other meals after landing in the price. And, if you just want to go up in a balloon and see a specific point, observation flights are also possible.

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