What to Do on a Rainy Day in Tel Aviv

As winter in Israel is approaching, the rainy season is upon us. Winter in Israel is generally very mild and temperate, starting in mid-October/November and lasting until March. Evenings can be very cool or cold, and when it rains in Israel, it pours! It is also important to remember that it can feel very cold indoors during the winter months, so wearing layers or a warm jacket is advisable. If you happen to be in Tel Aviv on a rainy day, here are a few ideas for indoor or alternative ideas to fill your days with things to do on a rainy day in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Museum

A visit to the Tel Aviv Museum is enjoyable rain or shine, and did you know they are also open on Saturdays? If you are looking for a creative and enjoyable indoor activity when it is pouring rain in Tel Aviv outside, it is easy to get lost in the Tel Aviv Museum among the many exhibitions. The museum is, in fact, a municipal museum, and a staple in the country for culture and art showcasing a range of contemporary works of both local and international artists. There are often workshops and events taking place in the museum as well as an excellent gift shop and cafe, the perfect place to relax and enjoy a warm cup of tea reflecting on the rain outside and the art inside. There are many other museums to choose from, great to spend the day inside staying dry.

Warm Drinks in a Tel Aviv Café

Rainy Day in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known for its great coffee and endless cafes, so why not cozy up in a cafe over a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Many cafes enclose their outdoor patios in glass, allowing you to still sit outside and listen to the rain fall down around you. If you have the time, find a comfortable spot and bring a book to read and relax as the Tel Aviv rain pours down around you.


Although many of the shops at Sarona are outside, the main building and food hall is inside. If you are looking to stay dry and fill up on some warming food, Sarona offers a wide selection of culinary delights. From sushi to burgers, there is also a tea shop and soup. Try a cozy cup of chai tea or a warming bowl of Asian noodle soup. Sarona is filled with energy and life, including a variety of shops as well as food stations. A visit to Sarona is a perfect thing to do on a rainy day in Tel Aviv.


While you may feel guilty about spending your days inside the mall when the sun is shining when it starts to pour outside, the mall is one of the best places in Tel Aviv in the rain. From Dizengoff center to Azrieli Mall or the new Fashion TLV, if there was ever a time to shop, it is during the winter. Take a look at Israeli clothing designers, enjoy some people watching and best of all, you won’t get wet! Each mall offers its own unique experience and stores, so it is even worth visiting more than one. For more luxury high-end shopping, a visit to Ramat Aviv Mall will not disappoint.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become very popular in Tel Aviv, popping up all throughout the city. Ranging from different themes such as haunted houses and airplane crashes, each escape room offers its own experience and level of difficulty. This is particularly fun to do with a group. When it is raining in Tel Aviv, you can literally escape it, by visiting an escape room.

See a Movie

There are many cinemas and theatres scattered throughout the city, including the Tel Aviv Cinematheque which screens both Israeli movies and foreign films. Additionally, many of the larger theatres, many of which are inside the malls (Dizengoff, Ayalon Mall) offer a wide selection of English movies complete with Hebrew subtitles. Tickets can be purchased online or directly at the theatre. When it is raining in Tel Aviv, what better way to stay dry and cozy than with a big box of popcorn in a movie theatre?

Get out of Tel Aviv in the Rain

What better time to head out of the city and explore all that Israel has to offer. Not to mention, it may be raining in Tel Aviv but totally sunny elsewhere in the country. Joining a Caesarea, Haifa, and Acre Tour or the Caesarea, Wine Country, and Kibbutz Experience Tour and seeing all that northern Israel has to offer is a great way to change the mood and get out of the rain. Or, head to the sunny desert on our Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea Tour. A tour of Jerusalem can also be enjoyable in the rain, and lends a different atmosphere to the experience. If you’re looking for things to do on a rainy day in Jerusalem, we have suggestions as well.

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