Christmas in the Holy Land

Christmas in the Holy Land is true magic. Whilst there’s no snow, it is the most incredible time to experience the land where the Christmas story happened. This will change your perspective on Christmas for years to come.

christmas day nazareth

Though Israel is the Holy Land for Christians, because the population is mostly Jewish and Muslim, there are less Christmas symbols around the country than you might find elsewhere. However, in major Christian and religious centers, you will find that Christmas is everywhere. The centers include Nazareth, Jerusalem’s Old City, and Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Christmas in Nazareth is a special and interesting time to visit the city, with many special events. In Haifa, the Christian population combines with the other religious groups to put on the Holiday of Holidays event, whilst many events take place in the Old City of Jerusalem – check out all the events for Christmas in Jerusalem.

Also, check out our 2-day Christmas Tour, private Highlights of Nazareth Walking Tour, or our unique Christmas Eve in Bethlehem Tour and Christmas Day In and Around Jerusalem Tour. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem.

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