Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv is a well-known beach in Tel Aviv, one of the most popular among locals and tourists and an excellent choice for those looking to surf, suntan, and swim as well as enjoy some people watching of the many visitors to the beach area. The Hilton beach – as the name explains, is located in front of the Hilton hotel on the northern part of the tayelet (boardwalk).

Hilton beach in Tel Aviv offers shade umbrellas and chairs (for a small fee) as well as cafes and restaurants along the beach and the promenade. Hilton Beach also offers change rooms, showers and bathroom facilities. To access the beach you can come down via Jabotinsky street to the Hilton and heading down towards the water or by walking/biking along Hayarkon street. Parking is available for a fee at the Hilton hotel or nearby street parking (although it can be hard to find spaces) so it best to arrive using public transportation or by foot/bicycle.

Hilton beach area is generally divided into three sections, and each separation draws in its own unique beachgoers.

Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv

South Hilton Beach

On the southern side of Hilton Beach, there is the Surfer’s beach which is one of the most popular places to catch a wave and a favorite among the local surfers.

Middle Hilton Beach

In the middle area of Hilton Beach, you will find the gay beach. A popular hub notably marked by rainbow flags and welcoming anyone, this gay-friendly beach one of the most popular places year-round but particularly busy during the famous Tel Aviv Pride week.

North Hilton Beach

Lastly, in the most northern reach of the Hilton beach, you will find the Hof Haklavim which translates to the dog beach. Here locals bring their furry friends to enjoy a cool dip in the water. Tel Aviv dogs are able to run around off leash so keep this in mind if you do not wish to sit near the dogs as the run freely along the beach.

Regardless of which of the three sections you choose, the natural beauty overlooking the sea is unmistakable and the overall vibe of the Hilton beach is maintained. There is no shortage of speedos, beach bods and matkot (Israeli paddle ball game).

Each of the three divisions of the Hilton Beach can be noted by the breakwater in between. It is worth noting, however, that surfers will be on either side of the breakwater. This area is also accessible on foot and beach dwellers can walk out onto the water on the path of the breakwater. For those looking to partake in kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing a visit to TopSea, a long-standing training school located along the beach is a great choice for rentals and instruction.

Spending a day at Hilton beach is enjoyable, relaxing, quiet and serene and a perfect glimpse into Israeli style and culture as it is always filled with locals. If you have limited time to spend at the beach, a visit to the Hilton beach is worth it and certain not to disappoint.

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