Train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (via Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv)

The highly anticipated new highspeed train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv via Ben Gurion Airport is now operating. The final destination of the Jerusalem train is Tel Aviv. The new Jerusalem to Tel Aviv train service is officially called King David Line.

Traveling to Ben Gurion Airport by Train

Passengers can travel from Jerusalem from the new Yitzhak Navon Station to Ben Gurion airport in just over 20 minutes. The trains leave every half hour, but passengers must account for the ten minute time to reach the entrance in Jerusalem. The station is inside a large-scale granite station which requires three escalators.

In the early stages of operation, the new Jerusalem train is running free of charge to passengers. According to Israel Railways, there is a 90 day period after the initial line where transportation between the Yitzhak Navon Station and other Israel destinations will be free, however, this is only relevant for passengers who purchase the train ticket on a Rav Kav card directly at the Yitzhak Navon Station. A Ravkav refers to the electronic card which is used as a ticketing system that can be used across all bus companies in Israel as well as the national railway. In order to use the first free 90 days, all passengers must purchase the voucher in advance, which can also be bought online.

Traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv by Train

It takes about 10-15 minutes to enter Yitzhak Navon Station. After purchasing your ticket, you’ll need to go down 3 escalators and a set of stairs to reach the platform. Plan accordingly. Once on the train, the trip to Hashalom Station in central Tel Aviv now takes around 45 minutes. The train also stops at Modiin, Hahagana, Savidor Central, Tel Aviv University, and Herzliya.

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Traveling on Shabbat from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion Airport

From sundown on Friday to Saturday night, there are no train services. During this time, private transfers from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv or from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport are convenient solutions. You could also consider taking a tour which begins in Jerusalem and choosing to end it in Tel Aviv. Most tours starting in Jerusalem allow for this option, including tours to Masada, the Dead Sea, the Galilee, and Caesarea.

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