Shuttle Bus from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem (485)

Bus to JerusalemThe Ben Gurion Airport Bus #485 links Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem every hour. It provides a great transportation option for those needing to get to or from the airport. The shuttle bus from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem runs every hour, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (excluding Shabbat). The last service is at 14:00 on Friday afternoon. The first service after Shabbat at 19:00 on Saturday evening. This bus is operated by Afekim.

Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem Bus Information

  • The service stops at designated stops in Jerusalem City (6 stops in total including the Central Bus Station, and Givat Ram-Hebrew University area), and follows a specific route.
  • While it does not drop to hotels, the service drops off close to the Light Railway which provides easy access to the hotels and hostels in the City Center and runs to the edge of the Old City for easy access to hotels within the walls.
  • For those whose hotels are not near the Light Railway or are unable to travel by Light Rail, the cost of the bus plus a taxi will still be cheaper in almost all cases than the option of a taxi from the airport to Jerusalem. In addition to remaining cheaper, it should also be quicker than a shared taxi from the airport to Jerusalem with no need to wait for the vehicle to fill up.
  • Service will run every hour on the hour, excluding Shabbat. The last service will be at 14:00 on Friday afternoon and first service after Shabbat at 21:00 on Saturday evening). It arrives at Ben Gurion approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes after departure
  • Pickup at Ben Gurion Airport will be on the arrivals concourse (arrivals level) of Terminal 3 which is the same level as the airport taxi stand. There is also a pickup from Terminal 1.
  • Drop off at Ben Gurion Airport will be on the departures level at Terminal 3. There is also a drop off at Terminal 1.

KEY INFO Shuttle Bus 485 From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem

  • From the Airport:
    Departs from Ben Gurion Airport, Terminal 3, 2nd floor, gate 23.
    Arrives at: Central Bus Station in Jerusalem
  • From Jerusalem:
    Departs from: 220 Jaffa Street – the corner of Moriya and Jaffa Streets, close to the Central Bus Station.
    Arrives at: Ben Gurion Terminal 3.
  • Payment: You can either pay with a Rav Kav, or via App (HopOn or Moovit)
  • Here is the link to Afekim for the up-to-date bus schedule.
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