How to Avoid Airport Security Lines at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv

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Want to skip the long queues and security lineups? Here are our tips on how to avoid airport security lines at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv using VIP services. Ben Gurion Airport has two terminals and is one of the most secure airports in the world. Due to the high level of security operating on many levels, some of which are out in the open and others which are very discreetly hidden, it is no wonder the Tel Aviv airport is known for its long security queues and wait times for passengers. Travelers must always leave ample time for bag screening, questioning, and various other security stops.

Arrange Ben Gurion Airport Express and VIP Service to Avoid Airport Security Lines

How to avoid airport security queues at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv

There are a few services you can purchase to make both arrival and departure. This makes leaving and getting through Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv much quicker and easier. Arranging VIP services expedites the travel process and makes the overall experience more pleasant. Options can start from the moment you arrive. They include assistance with baggage collection, security screenings, passport control, bag search, and inspections. Both incoming and outgoing flights can receive VIP services. Check out some of the options for VIP Airport Services in Tel Aviv to avoid airport security queues below. Book your VIP Fast-Track Service here.

Express Service

For inbound flights, this option starts upon arrival at the airport. Someone will greet you at passport control. You receive assistance through security processing and border crossing procedures. You will pass through a fast track priority lane which accelerates the entire process. After passing through these stops, you will be directed to your driver. They will wait outside the airport to take you to your accommodation. This service can also be used for outbound flights from Tel Aviv. It offers priority check-in and fast-track priority lane access. There is also an option for accompaniment to the airport VIP lounge. Here you can relax and enjoy lounge services until it is time to board the flight. The VIP lounge is an additional fee.

VIP Service

This service package offers a more deluxe airport experience in Tel Aviv. Starting from the time you step off the plane, you are greeted by a private VIP vehicle that will escort you across the airport tarmac directly to the fast track priority lane. This includes passport control, security inspection, and luggage collection. This entire service you are escorted by an attendant for smooth transitions. For the VIP departure service allows for quick processing beginning from the time you arrive at the terminal. Here you will be greeted by an attendant who will accompany you through to the fast track priority lane. They will accelerate all airport security procedures and processes. This service also offers access to the VIP lounge prior to taking off.


This premium option starts from the moment you get off the plane. You will go directly to the private Fattal Terminal. Here you will be able to relax and enjoy fresh snacks and refreshments. Agents will handle your security control, passport checks, and luggage claim procedure. You will then be escorted to your waiting vehicle. For departing flights, the service is almost identical, offering relaxing comfort and privacy. Before your flight, you will go directly to the plane from the private terminal when it is time for boarding. The Fattal VIP Private Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport has a stylish lounge and private meeting rooms. It also houses private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms for the most comfortable and luxurious way to start or end your trip to Israel.

Public Lounges at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv

  • In Terminal 3 you will find the Arbel Lounge, which is proudly part of the Dan Hotel chain. This exclusive lounge offers comfort and quiet. It also has options for all check-in services as well as passport control and security checks prior to takeoff.
  • Once you are in the departure terminal you can have access to the Dan Lounge. This lounge is reserved for those passengers traveling with either British Airways or United Airlines and designated for night flights.
  • Another lounge you can find in the departures hall is the King David Lounge. This is exclusively provided for those passengers flying with El Al first or business class, or authorized club members of El Al.

Learn more about here about arranging fast-track service for arrival or departure at Ben Gurion Airport for your upcoming travel plans if you’d like to avoid the lines.

Other Tips for Preparedness while Passing through Tel Aviv Airport Without VIP

No matter what, it is always good to plan ahead if you are departing from Ben Gurion Airport. Make sure you arrange your airport transportation in advance. Airport Shuttles are an excellent way to pre-arrange transfers to guarantee you arrive on time.

Also, be ready to answer some questions. Whether you are a regular visitor to Israel or a first-time traveler, airport security will be sure to ask you some questions about your trip, including the purpose of your travel. Also, recognize that Ben Gurion Airport implements several security techniques and technologies, so do not be surprised if your bag goes through more than one screening. Read on to learn more about the security measures and what to expect at the airport in Tel Aviv.

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