5 Things to Know About Your Business Trip to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv business trips are becoming more and more usual as business development in Israel is versatile and continually growing. Known as “Start-up Nation” and a world leader in technology Israel is becoming a popular destination for business travel. With advancements in industries such as security, agriculture and communications more and more business growth is coming out of the region. If you have an upcoming business trip in Tel Aviv, make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Here are 5 things to know about business trips in Tel Aviv.

1. Where to stay on your Tel Aviv business trip

Depending on your needs, different business hotels can offer different facilities (business centers, conference rooms etc). One option is staying in a boutique hotel which offers a much more personalized experience. If you are looking for something more small and intimate that can help accommodate requests and create a tailor-made experience then a boutique hotel will be just perfect for your business trip in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv also has a selection of luxury hotels in Tel Aviv many found along the beach providing a beautiful view of the Mediterranean and many are centrally located making it easy to access the city.

Another option if you are looking to keep your budget lower you can check out value hotels in Tel Aviv. These hotels are great if you will be out at meetings all day and just need a comfortable and affordable place to spend the night. You may want to look at hotels near the hi-tech business area of Tel Aviv if you have meetings in the area or Ramat Hahayal or Herzyliah. If you are looking for a co-working space in Tel Aviv there are also many great options to choose from.

Business Trip to Tel Aviv

2. What to do in evenings during your business trip in Tel Aviv

Part of the business culture in Tel Aviv is enjoying a “happy hour” or drinks after work. You may be invited out with your business associates to enjoy some of the nightlife that Tel Aviv has to offer. Known as “the city that never sleeps” it is easy to see why Tel Aviv nightlife has put the city on the map. Tel Aviv has many rooftop patios for a relaxed drink, or visit nearby Jaffa which comes alive at night filled with many restaurants and bars. Enjoying the fun atmosphere of Tel Aviv at night is a great way to spend the evenings after a long day or business meetings.

3. How to visit the many sites in Israel on your Tel Aviv business trip

If you have some time off from your business meetings, it is certainly worth exploring all that Israel has to offer. While Tel Aviv days can be spent relaxing at the beach or exploring neighborhoods like Neve Tzedek or the famous Shuk HaCarmel, it is also worth venturing out of the city to the holy city of Jerusalem or the famous Dead Sea. Joining a two hour Tel Aviv tour of Old Jaffa, food tour of the Carmel Market, or Tel Aviv’s street-art, can be a great way to spend a few hours in between meetings.

Joining a Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Bethlehem tour is the perfect way to see all these sites in one day. The tour conveniently starts from Tel Aviv daily, includes all transportation and guiding along with entrance fee to a beach at the Dead Sea. Another perfect excursion to take you far away from your desk and business meetings is a trip to nearby Petra in Jordan. Joining either a 1 day Petra tour from Tel Aviv or the more intensive 2 days Petra and Wadi Rum tour from Tel Aviv offers an exciting adventure to the ancient lost city of Petra. Tours include all transportation, guiding, border assistance, meals, and overnight accommodation. A perfect getaway from the city and an immersive experience while on your business trip in Israel.

4. Business customs in Israel

Understanding the business culture in Tel Aviv is important when meeting potential clients or partners. In general, Israelis are warm and hospitable in business, and in life, and have a direct approach which can sometimes be interpreted as aggressive. The business culture is a dynamic combination of casual and relaxed mixed with direct straightforwardness.

A few tips for conducting business in Tel Aviv

Work Week and Business Hours – It is worth noting that most Israelis work Sunday-Thursday from about 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Some will also work Friday mornings, but in Israel, Friday (after sundown) and Saturday are part of Shabbat.

Attire – The dress code for work environments in Israel is very casual. It is common to wear jeans every day. Revealing clothes and beachwear is not acceptable in offices.

Cultural Sensitivity – It is important to be aware of religious observances. For example, those workers that keep the Shabbat will not use electronics on Shabbat (no phone calls and no emails) and when shaking hands, it is not acceptable to shake hands with members of the opposite sex if they are religious. It is also important to note if there are religious members, that all restaurants or meals must accommodate Kashrut diets (kosher). Luckily many restaurants in Tel Aviv are strictly kosher and accommodating.

Political awareness – It is advisable not to keep and respect personal opinions and not to make assumptions or generalizations on the culture, religion, politics or people in Israel.

5. Booking airport transfers while in Tel Aviv on business

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, it is a good idea to use an airport shuttle to offer direct transportation from the airport to your hotel. Using a shuttle means your driver will be ready and waiting for you after landing, granting you access directly to your hotel to get your business trip started off on the right foot without wasting any time navigating taxis or public transportation.

For a hassle-free and luxurious travel experience, book the Fattal VIP Private Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport. This state-of-the-art terminal offers travelers an upscale stay in the airport before or after flights. Avoid long lines at security checks, hand luggage screenings, and passport control. Allow all your needs to be taken care of by your assigned agent who will make sure your travels go smoothly.

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