Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv

For those who keep Kosher, dining in Israel is a special treat given the extensive collection of Kosher restaurants. Serving some of the best meat in Israel, Kosher restaurants often specialize in meat dishes, perfecting their recipes and dishes. Additionally, there are many dairy restaurants to choose from, many of which also serve fish dishes. Here are some of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv worth checking out.


Tel Aviv kosher eating


Tucked away on Nahalat Benyamin Street, steps from the famous Carmel Market, Goshen is an excellent choice for meat. It also happens to cater well to vegetarian or vegan diners. The food is fresh, consistently good and served with generous portions. Goshen is a great place for lunch or dinner, and can cater to larger groups. If you want to reserve a large table, call in ahead. Serving everything from lamb kebab to chicken livers, truffle risotto, and prime rib, there is certainly something for everyone at one of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.
Nahalat Binyamin St 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Ca Phe Hanoi

Situated near Kikar Rabin in the heart of the city, Ca Phe Hanoi is a fresh addition to the kosher scene in Tel Aviv, serving well-curated and expertly prepared dishes. Offering Vietnamese dishes that are influenced by both French and Israeli flavors, Ca Phe Hanoi is a fun atmosphere. They serve handmade, authentic cocktails along with their dishes. From the nuanced Pho Soup which is slow cooked for 9 hours to the fluffy Bao buns and noodle dishes, the menu is extensive, creative and fun. The space is just as thoughtful as the food. It includes intricate design elements that incorporate traditional Vietnamese elements. These range from from bamboo chairs to the bright pink neon signs. Be sure to check out the bathrooms downstairs. They are gorgeously designed and part of the experience!
Malchei Yisrael St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo


One of the many wonderful restaurants by celebrity chef Eyal Shani, Malka is another hit. The name means “Queen”, and this is another crown jewel. Besides serving up mouthwatering meat dishes sure to melt in your mouth, you’ll also be directly contributing to charity when you eat here. The space here has long been partners with Elem, and Shani keeps the tradition going. Elem trains at-risk youth to work in the restaurant industry, and offers them a different path. They serve a number of his long-lasting favorites, including roasted cauliflower, juicy kebabs nestled in fluffy pockets of focaccia, and endless local produce. Don’t forget to add this to one of your stops, or visit one of his many other restaurants throughout the country.

Dafna Street 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv

Found inside the Hotel Prima City, Mapu is a contemporary kosher restaurant serving fresh and creative dishes. Chef Nir Zook is behind the innovative dishes along with an extensive wine list, and creative cocktails. Combining Mediterranean flavors with fresh fish, meat and vegetables, it is easy to see why Mapu is one of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.
Mapu 9, Tel Aviv- Yafo


In the quaint neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in the Tachana, Regina is a kosher restaurant situated inside a Mediterranean style building with a stunning garden courtyard. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with charming details and food that embodies tradition. Regina serves a variety of Kosher dishes including some specialty dishes like Hungarian Goulash. A great place for lunch or dinner and suitable for families, children, and large groups, Regina is a special dining experience worth checking out.
The Station Building 1, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Meat Kitchen

Just as the name suggests, Meat Kitchen is a kosher meat restaurant serving up plenty of flavorful dishes. From tender meat plates, decadent liver each dish is perfectly prepared to highlight the high-quality meat that is used in preparation. Meat Kitchen is a culinary experience and for those looking to enjoy kosher meat, Meat Kitchen is certainly one of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.
65, Yigal Alon St, Tel Aviv-Yafo



Kosher dining in Tel Aviv

An Italian restaurant and wine bar serving pasta, pizzas, and salads, Pankina also caters to vegan and gluten-free diets. One of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, Pankina has reasonable prices and is a comfortable atmosphere for families and large groups. Pankina also offers a “business lunch” making it an ideal place day or night. It’s often busy, including weeknights, and we highly recommend reserving.
36 Gordon Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo

La Lasagna

With many gluten-free and vegan options, La Lasagna serves up a wide selection of pasta dishes, including, of course, lasagna! This is a laid back eatery, great for children and caters to every kind of diner. Dishes are generous and flavorful. This is a great spot both for lunch and dinner and is easily one of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.
177 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo


A fish restaurant serving fresh and creative dishes, Deca is an elegant dining experience. Deca serves fish in a variety of ways and dishes include Bouillabaisse, Sea bass, and Moroccan style fish. Besides their fish dishes, they are also famous for their desserts including a decadent crème brulee. For great fish and a comfortable kosher meal, Deca is one of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.
10 Hataasyah Street, Tel Aviv -Yafo


Florentina is a kosher dairy restaurant in the south Tel Aviv Florentin neighborhood, serving a wide assortment of dishes including pasta, pizza, falafel, and fish dishes. There is also an excellent selection of kosher wine that pairs nicely with the food. The atmosphere is comfortable and informal, and Florentina is a great place for larger groups, and families with children. If exploring the neighborhood on our Street Art Tour in the area, Florentina is an excellent choice for a kosher lunch.
56 Abarbanel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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