Gluten-Free in Tel Aviv

As more and more people are following gluten-free diets, it has become easier than ever to find gluten-free options in stores, online and in restaurants. In Tel Aviv, the gluten-free diet has caught on, with more awareness and understanding of ingredients and restrictions there are places popping up all over the city providing gluten-free options. Here is a helpful guide to being gluten-free in Tel Aviv perfect for any celiac, or person following a gluten-free diet.

Where to buy Gluten-Free food in Tel Aviv?

There are many shops and stores found throughout Tel Aviv selling gluten-free products with more are appearing. Chain grocery stores like Teva Castel (multiple locations), Victory (multiple locations) and Tiv Tam (multiple locations, most open on Saturdays), all have designated gluten-free sections

Gluten-free Israeli Snacks

There are a few Israeli snacks that happen to be gluten-free or offer gluten-free varieties. Always look at the labels, and if unsure it is OK to ask a store clerk for assistance in reading labels, although most are written in English as well.

Bamba – The classic Israeli peanut snack made from corn offers a gluten-free variety.
Apropo – Another corn-based snack in the shape of a bugle horn is gluten-free.
Arnavonim and Dubonim – potato crisps in the shapes of bunnies and bears are gluten-free
Pretzels – Osem brand offers a gluten-free pretzel option
Wafer Cookies – Carmit brand offers a gluten-free wafer cookie in a variety of options

A gluten free snack to find in Tel Aviv: Bamba

How to know if something is Gluten Free IN ISRAEL?

Keep a look out for these words on labels in both Hebrew and English to indicate whether an item is gluten-free

Gluten-Free ללא גלוטן
Contains Gluten מכיל גלוטן
May contain traces of Gluten עשוי להכיל עקבות גלוטן

Where to eat Gluten-free in Tel Aviv

As many Israeli restaurants serve Mediterranean cuisine, there is almost always a focus on using fresh vegetables. Regardless of whether or not a restaurant is gluten-free, there are always a plethora of salads and dips available that are generally gluten-free (always best to ask first). Here are some of the best restaurants that are gluten-free in Tel Aviv.

Chain restaurants in Israel with gluten-free options

Serving all-day breakfast, Benedict is a fun atmosphere that is family friendly and offers gluten-free options. (Multiple locations: Rothschild 29 – open 24/7, Sarona Market Aluf Kalman Magen 3, Ben Yehuda 171, also in Rishon Lezion, Herzliya and Petah Tikva)

Moses Burger
A long-standing burger joint in Israel, Moses Burger has plenty of options to feed even picky eaters and best of all, they have gluten-free buns. (Multiple locations: Rothschild Boulevard 35, HaBarzel St 26, Ramat Hachayal, also in Petah Tikvah, Rishon Lezion, Eilat, Kfar Saba)

Asian Noodle bar with large variety offers some gluten-free options or can make gluten-free dishes. (Multiple locations, Ibn Gvirol 49, The workshops 9, Herzliya, HaBarzel St 19, Tel Aviv and more)

Black Bar and Burger
Versatile and family-friendly burger restaurant with a gluten-free menu and many options. (12 locations in Israel including Azrieli Mall)

Gluten free burgers

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Creperie Bretonne
With two Tel Aviv locations, Creperie Brettone serves many crepes both savory and sweet in a variety of flavors that can also be made vegan. The crepes are made from buckwheat and are gluten-free, however, for those who are celiac it is best to tell them directly and the crepe will be made on a separate gluten-free surface. They are happy to accommodate gluten-free diets. Ibn Gabirol St 52 and Washington Square in Florentin

Serving fresh Venezuelan sandwiches, Arepas offers a variety of options served in a pita-like bread, made from corn – definitely one of the must-eat foods in the Carmel Market. They also offer vegan arepas, there is plenty to choose from. Best of all they are affordable and filling. Two locations, on in Shuk Hacarmel, and 77 Herzl St

Dosa Bar

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, Dosa Bar serves up some of the best Indian Food in Tel Aviv. Specializing in South Indian cuisine, the dishes are flavorful, affordable and best of all, gluten-free!
Ben Yehuda St 188, Tel Aviv

Falafel HaKosem
Famous in Tel Aviv, Hakosem translates to magic, and the falafel is some of the best in the city. While Falafel HaKosem is not exclusively gluten-free, they can accommodate gluten-free diners. Simply ask and they will change their gloves and prepare food on a different counter. Shlomo Hamelech 1, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Restaurants with Gluten-free options

Meshek Barzilay
All vegan eatery serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with many gluten-free options. Also open on Saturdays. Ahad Ha’Am 6, Tel Aviv

Cafe Xoho
Vegetarian eatery serving fresh and creative dishes, including many gluten-free options. Gordon 17, Tel Aviv

Vietnamese restaurant that marks GF on their menu and plenty of options.
Rothschild 15, Tel Aviv

La Lasagna
A great choice for gluten-free eaters, La Lasagna is also kosher, serving dairy meals and plenty of gluten-free pasta and pizza.
Dizengoff St 177

Gluten Free Bakeries in Tel Aviv

Bread Pomerantz
All Gluten-free bakery, serving homemade bread and baked goods.
Florentin 13

Gluten Free Beer

There is even gluten-free beer in Israel, made by Meidan, and the beer is made from chickpeas. Meidan beer is served by the bottle and can be found all throughout Israel. Check out the Beer Bazar in Tel Aviv Yishkon St 36.

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