Best Restaurants in Israel of 2024

Foodies from all walks of life rejoice in the food and restaurant scene in Israel. As Israel is a clash of history and modernism, visitors to this fascinating and ancient country can expect plenty of traditional dishes with authentic flavors, and many with an international influence. Around the country, there are a huge number of exceptional restaurants serving up the very best of Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine. We’ve already introduced you to the best restaurants in Jerusalem as well as the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. The list below celebrates the best restaurants in the rest of Israel in 2024 with a combination of new additions and old-time favorites. From trendy city establishments to restaurants by the sea, we have found you the best restaurants in Israel to dine at.

Alena, Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv

Alena, located in the Norman Hotel, is one of the most elegant restaurants in Tel Aviv. Chef Barak Aharoni has set the bar very high in Tel Aviv, offering diners a European-inspired menu with a Mediterranean touch. Less formal and more accessible than the prior chic brasserie in its same location, Alena succeeds in creating an exquisite presentation of dishes with top quality ingredients. Diners have the option to eat on the terrace, in the beautiful dining room or in the private dining room. The menu offers dishes such as lamb-stuffed pasta, fresh sea bream, and lamb chops. Visit Alena and you’ll agree that it’s one of the best restaurants in Israel.

Nachmani St 23-25, Tel Aviv-Yafo

best restaurants in israel

Michael Local Bistro, Nahariya

Pack your bags and head to northern Israel; the north, if not for the beauty and the unique things to do in the region, is well worth it if just to dine at Michael Local Bistro. Chef Michael Grotofsky opened this farm-to-table restaurant after running Herbert Samuel in Tel Aviv for many years. Vegetarians will be pleasantly surprised to find a myriad of veg-friendly dishes like roasted beets and fresh vegetables, cauliflower tabbouleh, and stuffed cabbage leaf with freekeh, fresh herbs, yogurt & olive oil. Meat lovers can enjoy Prime – Rib with bone marrow & roasted vegetables and seafood lovers, calamari a la plancha, black pepper, roasted potato & sour cream. Visitors make the trip to the north just to eat at the famed chef restaurant – without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Israel!

43 HaGefen St, Liman Nahariya  

michael local bistro

Roberta Vinci, Pardes Hanna-Karkur

The unassuming and quaint Italian restaurant in Pardes Hannah-Karkur spoils diners with delectable Italian food sourced from locally-grown ingredients. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant is surrounded by lush green, fruit trees, and herbs; surroundings from which you’d expect the highest-quality and freshest ingredients. Find dishes like papa al pomodoro soup, grilled polenta with mushrooms, and pumpkin and oregano risotto. And of course, what would be an Italian restaurant without the pasta and pizza?

Ahuza St 43, Pardes Hanna-Karkur

Vivino, Haifa

Another Haifa restaurant to make it on the list is Vivino. Vivino is an Italian restaurant that serves delicious homemade pasta and pizza along with a large number of seafood, meat, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Aside from the food, it’s the décor of Vivino that captures the hearts of the people who visit. The restaurant finds itself within a pine grove which boasts a wonderful courtyard area that is very romantic on a warm evening. Plants and flowers decorate the inside whilst the flavors of Italy are brought straight to your plate.

Whale, Eilat

Moving away from Haifa and onto the charming coastal city of Eilat is the restaurant Whale. Whale is a welcoming place to eat for family and friends to come together to enjoy tasty food. In keeping with the name, the main focus here is fish and seafood (and definitely no whale). The interior strives to keep your dining experience relaxed with fresh plants and plenty of natural sunlight. When it comes to the menu there are lots of options. The European Bass is served in a fragrant green curry sauce with Pac Choi, chestnuts, bamboo, kales, and peanuts. Meat-eaters may prefer the Pork Belly served with chipotle and creamed corn. For something a little less refined, try the Shrimpburger – you won’t regret it.

Uri Buri, Acre

From one coastal city to another, Acre is a beautiful fortified city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right. One restaurant in Acre that is talked about across Israel is the Uri Buri fish restaurant and brainchild of the renowned Israeli chef Uri Jeremias. In keeping with the city’s historic charm, this restaurant takes diners back to another era with its stone arches and traditional patterns. With beautifully presented dishes (often served by Uri Jeremias himself) this restaurant is undoubtedly a must for any seafood lover. Oysters, anchovies, sashimi, raw shrimps, and octopus adorn the appetizer menu whilst Sea Wolf, Barramundi, and Crab Meat make wonderful main courses.

Diana, Nazareth

Diana is a wonderful restaurant in Nazareth with a wonderful backstory. In the 1960s Diana originally opened as a cinema. One day an usher decided to cook up some hot delicacies for the audience during intermission. Of course, this exploded in popularity and the usher (accompanied by his son) continued to cook until it became the renowned restaurant it is today. The son is now Chef Duhul Safid and Diana is no longer in that same cinematic building. Duhul Safid has continued what his father began and expanded it into a culinary empire. Expect traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes within an extraordinarily friendly environment.

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