Visiting Tel Aviv Startups

Tel Aviv sits in the heart of Silicon Wadi, one of the world’s most important hi-tech centers. Israel has more start-ups per capita than any other country in the world (check the map below), and visiting Tel Aviv startups can be a fascinating and slightly off-beat thing to do in Tel Aviv. Whilst there are hundreds to choose from and many are pretty receptive to hosting visitors, there are a few startups, and startup accelerators who are super-friendly.

The amazing map below created by Mapped in Israel shows almost 1,000 startups in Tel Aviv and across Israel. Check out the huge range of their focus and activities.

Four Tel Aviv Startups Not to Miss

1. BillGuard, whose offices are on Rothschild Boulevard have created an innovative technology to protect you against unwanted or unexpected charges which often creep into credit card bills (legally) and go unnoticed. One in four people are affected by such charges every year, and Billguard alerts you when they emerge.

2. Soluto, also located on the beautiful Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of the White City provide an online service for people who are good with computers, to help those who need it. They provide a service which allows experts to help others, to create a friendlier and happier world of computer owners.

3. The Microsoft Accelerator is actually located in Herzliya, just north of Tel Aviv. As an accelerator, they provide new startups with a four month program where they support them in advancing their concept into a solid product, and to begin marketing it.

4. IDC Elevator is another Tel Aviv startup accelerator, this time located in the heart of Tel Aviv, in Ahad Haam street, one street away from Rothschild Boulevard, and directly opposite the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Here, startups are also given four months of support in developing their product – marketing, strategy, and even investment assistance. The first three months of this program take place in Tel Aviv, and the fourth, in New York, a testament to the close relationship that exists between Tel Aviv startups and the USA.

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