How to Get From Jerusalem to Amman

Getting from Jerusalem to Amman, or the reverse, is relatively simple, but travel between the capitals of Israel and Jordan does require a little bit of forward planning which can easily be achieved. The important thing to consider when traveling from Jerusalem to Amman is that you are crossing international borders. Therefore, you should carefully read this information to be sure that the option which you have selected is appropriate. Generally speaking there are four ways to travel from Jerusalem to Amman. You can use public transport, a shuttle, private transfer, or a flight.

Traveling from Jerusalem to Amman

Getting from Jerusalem to Amman (pictured) is a simple and comfortable process

Due to border regulations between Israel and Jordan, there is a difference in the process of crossing from Israel into Jordan, than from Jordan into Israel. We will outline the two directions separately in this article.

Traveling from Jerusalem to Amman requires a major caveat before proceeding. Crossing into Jordan via the Allenby Bridge Crossing requires a pre-arranged Jordanian visa, and without this, is not possible. Crossing via the Northern Crossing at Beit Shean (or Southern Crossing at Eilat) does not require a visa in advance, and is generally quicker and simpler. For this reason, most visitors cross in the north unless returning to Jordan from a stay in Israel in which case a visa would already usually be valid.

You should expect the journey to cost around $70 if traveling by public transport and taxi. This excludes border crossing fees and visa fees.

Private Transfer from Jerusalem to Amman

The most convenient and perhaps popular way to travel with a private transfer. In this case you would have one vehicle in each country. Be careful to make sure that the service provider is experienced and up to date with the procedures at the border. For example, our transfer service includes assistance on the Jordanian side of the border with regards to the visa, a handy addition. Flo offer all vehicle sizes from private cars, to minivans, and big buses.

Shuttle from Jerusalem to Amman

Shuttle transfers from Jerusalem to Amman are currently not available, but this page will update you with any changes.

Tours from Jerusalem to Amman

How to Get From Jerusalem to Amman

For those looking to visit Amman, it is cost effective to consider a tour of the city. Whilst there are no regular tours from Jerusalem to Amman, a private tour can be equally cost effective and provide flexibility and simplicity. We suggest contacting Petra from Israel and requesting a private tour. This will take you from Jerusalem to Amman, and any other sites you wish to see in Jordan.

Another popular option is to take a tour from Jerusalem to Petra, and request a transfer after the tour in order to end in Amman. This is a cost effective way to visit the impressive sites of Jordan and enables you to have a hassle-free ending in Amman. Any of our tours to Jordan can be customized to end in this way. One day, two day, or three day tours with guaranteed departures are available throughout the year from Jerusalem.

Taking a tour to cross from Israel to Jordan also ensures that all visa arrangements are taken care of and makes the process hassle-free. Another added bonus is that if you are in a tour group, the cost of the Jordanian visa is waived. Only border crossing fees of around $45 are payable, with no $65 visa fee.

From Amman to Jerusalem a regular tour runs throughout the week for a one day visit. See the Jerusalem Tour from Amman for more details.

Public Transport from Jerusalem to Amman

If you have a pre-arranged visa and can cross via the Allenby Bridge, there are shared taxis from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station to the border. From the border take a taxi to Amman.

If you do not have a pre-arranged visa, you should go to the Sheikh Hussain Border near Beit Shean. There is no direct transportation to the border. You will need to take Egged bus 961 or 966 to the city of Beit Shean. From there to the border, you’ll take a taxi. From the Jordanian side of the border, a taxi would be the way to Amman.

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