Selichot in Jerusalem, Israel

Western Wall

During the High Holidays in Israel, it’s a marvelous time to experience the richness of the Holy Land’s history and heritage. The Jewish prayers of Selichot – a collection of penitential passages and psalms – are said in the days leading up to the High Holidays. This year, Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year – falls out on September 15-17, 2023, with Yom Kippur – the Jewish Day of Repentence – following on September 24-25, 2023.

You can witness Selichot being said from September 9, 2023 until Yom Kippur, September 24, 2023 at the Western Wall in Jerusalem after nightfall. The prayers are typically said around midnight or in the early hours before sunrise of the next day. Among Sephardic communities, Selichot are recited a month prior to Rosh Hashana, whereas according to Ashkenazi traditions, they are only said several days before the Jewish New Year. It is courteous to wish Jewish people a “Shanah Tovah” – “Good New Year” – during this time.

Our Jerusalem tours will operate throughout the holidays giving you a chance to see as much of the holy city as possible.

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