Passover in Israel 2024

Passover in Israel is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to visitors and events. Passover is an important event in the Jewish calendar and is marked across Israel. The first and last days of Passover are public holidays in Israel. The intermediate days are popular times for families to take vacations and day trips. As a result, events for Passover take place across Israel throughout the period. Some are religious while others are for kids and families. This means there are loads of great things to do in Israel for Passover. Passover falls between April 22 and April 29, 2024.

Passover is the festival which commemorates the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. The story behind the festival is that God helped the ancient Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt by inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians that caused the Pharaoh to release Israelite slaves. When Pharaoh freed the Jews, the story is that they left in such a hurry that they could not wait for bread dough to rise (leaven). As a result, for the duration of Passover, no leavened bread is eaten, and Matzo (a flat unleavened bread) is a symbol of the holiday.

Things to do in Israel at Passover 2024

Matzah bread for Passover in Israel

Events take place across Israel during the Passover holiday, and with spring in the air, and families out enjoying the time, the demand creates an incredible array of events from the cities to nature reserves and parks across Israel. Check back to this page later to see 2024’s special Passover events.

Free Museums over Passover

Every year Bank Hapoalim sponsors tens of Israeli museums to open for free over the Passover period. These include some of the biggest and best museums in Israel. For more information or to see which museums qualify, see our article about free museums over Passover.

Take a Tour

Either take a private guide, or join a group, and explore parts of Israel you might otherwise not have seen. Whether you want a typical group tour, or something a little more unusual, romantic, adventurous, or dramatic, here are some great options for tours of Israel. If you are looking for an exclusive Egyptian tour that whisks you off on an immersive adventure, take our Sinai Day Tour leaving from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or if you’re seeking a more slowed-down Egyptian adventure, take our 3-Day Tour of Sinai and Cairo.

Jeep Tours, Negev and Galilee

Explore the nature of Israel by taking a jeep tour which take you deep into Israel’s Negev or Judean Deserts, or hills of the Galilee. Tours last from two hours to a whole day, and are fun, memorable and educational. More information about jeep tours in Israel.

More Events

See our dedicated article: Passover in Jerusalem for specific events in Jerusalem or Passover in Tel Aviv for Tel Aviv. If you are looking for a multi-day private Jewish package, look no more.

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