Shushan Purim in Jerusalem: March 7-8, 2023

Purim in Jerusalem is a colorful and fun time to be in the ‘city of gold’ with events taking place across town to celebrate the Jewish holiday which is a favorite among the masses. Purim is a fascinating and unique experience in Jerusalem, when the streets are filled with religious and secular alike, all dressed up and having a good time. A number of Purim events will take place around the city from carnivals to parties. There’s something for every age and every interest.

The best part? In Jerusalem (and only in Jerusalem), Purim takes place one day later than the rest of the world, and is referred to as Shushan Purim. This means you can enjoy Purim in Tel Aviv the night before, then head over to the holy city to do it all over again! This year, in 2023, Shushan Purim takes place March 7-8.

Jerusalem Street Parties

purim jerusalem street party

For two days, Jerusalem’s streets will be filled with party-goers decked out in their best costumes. Festivities will begin on March 16 and continue through March 18. The schedule will be as follows:

March 7

  • 17:00 – The Megilla will be read at synagogues and community centers throughout the city
  • 22:00-3:00 – Parties at the Machane Yehuda market and city center

March 8

  • 9:00 – The megilla is read again in synagogue
  • 11:00-14:00 – Purim carnival in Zion, Safra Square, and Ben Yehuda street, with music and performances by Sammy the Firefighter and Agam Bohbot, street theatre circus shows and much more
  • 14:00-Sundown – Nachlaot street party

Museum activities and parties in Jerusalem have yet to be confirmed for 2023. Previous year events below:

Purim events at Jerusalem’s Museums

Many of Jerusalem’s museums will hold special events for Purim.

  • At the Israel Museum an event for the whole family, including art workshops, story telling, dance performances and more!
  • Purim Rave Party at The Tower of David, Jaffa Gate

Purim Parties in Jerusalem

  • March 6 – Purim Boogie with three different dance floors at the Gerard Behar Center
  • March 6 – Purim Party at Machane Yehuda Shuk
  • March 6 – Wild Wild Purim – the biggest Purim party for students in Israel.
  • March 7 – Nachlaot Street Party – Traditional parade in the most characteristic Jerusalem neighborhood

Also check out Purim in Tel Aviv, and events for Purim across Israel.

Event Booking Details

Event Date: 07/03/2023