Hanukkah in Tel Aviv, 2021

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Tel Aviv is always a great place to be, but Hanukkah in Tel Aviv is even better. Where else in the world can you find an array of sufganiyot being freshly baked in practically every bakeshop, a multitude of menorah lightings to attend, and festive theatrical shows for the kids who are on break? The Festival of Lights is being celebrated this year from November 28th-December 6th. There are tons of events to be found all around the city. It’s the perfect time to go explore new locations and try new things (we’re looking at you, dulce de leche sufganiyot). Here are some of the top events happening for Hanukkah in Tel Aviv, and most importantly, where to find the best sufganiyot that will have you wishing that the oil lasted for more than 8 days!

Hanukkah Events in Israel, 2021

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are still waiting for the updated information regarding many events that used to happen regularly over Hannukah in Israel. We will continue to update our information as the organizers release dates for 2021. We’ve left up the regular annual events so you know what to expect, but please check with the organizers if there’s a specific event you want to attend.

What to do during Hanukkah in Tel aviv

Attend a menorah lighting

What better way to commemorate the miracle of Hanukkah and get to know the community than by attending a public menorah lighting? Go to Gan Ha’atzmaut (Independence Park), the park overlooking Hilton Beach, to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. There will be a menorah lighting, live music, donuts, activities for the kids, and of course, a selfie with Judah Maccabi himself!

The Bavli Community Center hosts annual menorah lightings. The event will also have a parade of lights, donuts, candles, and performances.

During the entire holiday, there will be public menorah lightings at HaBima Square and at Rabin Square.

Eat your weight in sufganiyot

Eating sufganiyot on Hanukkah is a tradition, and we are all about tradition. These jelly-filled donuts can be found all around the city in flavors that will knock you off your feet. Not a donut person? Don’t knock it till you try it. These are donuts like you’ve never seen or tasted before. Roladin is most famous for serving up a huge variety of donuts, with innovative new flavors every year. Of course, since Tel Aviv is the vegan capital of the world, you can even find vegan donuts at Piece of Cake, a bakery with a few locations throughout the city. There are really donuts for every taste. See more on our list of the best sufganiyot in Tel Aviv.

Attend a Hanukkah performance

Tel Aviv has a plethora of places to see live music. Catch special Hanukkah performances all around the city.

Go to the museum

Head to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for some Hanukkah adventures. There will be shows for the children and other fun happenings.

For more museums in Tel Aviv see Tel Aviv’s Best Museums.

Shop for Presents

Tel Aviv has some great shopping opportunities. From the swanky boutiques of Neve Tzedek and Shenkin to the unique handicrafts fair on Nahalt Binyamin and the offbeat vendors in the Jaffa Flea Market, Hannukah is a great time to pick up presents in Tel Aviv for friends and loved ones – or yourself.

Traveling to Israel for the holidays?

Hanukkah in Israel is such a magical time to visit, with events happenings all around the country. See our lists for Hanukkah in Jerusalem and Hanukkah in northern Israel and get exploring! Join one of our best selling tours like the Hanukkah tour in Jerusalem and make your holiday unforgettable.

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