Jerusalem Oud Festival. November 18-27, 2021

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The Jerusalem Oud Festival is one of the most unusual cultural initiatives in Jerusalem, enriching the city’s cultural scene every year with new sounds of distant cultures, deepening our familiarity with sounds close to us, and protecting sounds that were on the verge of disappearing. The Jerusalem Oud Festival is a unique celebration of cultural diversity through music organised by Confederation House, and the 2021 festival will take place between November 18-27, 2021.

2021 Jerusalem Oud Festival

The Jerusalem Oud Festival features music from ancient and modern times inspired and performed by artists from Southern and Eastern Europe, the Arab World, as well as some of the most respected Hebrew singers from Israel. Fittingly, for the city of Jerusalem, the Oud Festival draws inspiration from musical traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The Oud for which the festival is named, is a pear-shaped stringed instrument commonly used in North African Middle Eastern music.

Tickets and detailed event program can be found at

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Event Booking Details

Event Date: 18/11/2021