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On this exceptional 12 Day Israel and Egypt Tour Package, you’ll bear witness to some of the oldest landmarks and breathtaking destinations in the world. In southern Israel, ascend Masada and wander the Ein Gedi nature reserve to experience the ultimate natural beauty. After floating atop the Dead Sea’s healing waters, explore the Old City of Jerusalem and uncover ancient secrets therein. Let the riveting atmospheres captivate you in Bethlehem, Jericho, and the River Jordan. Haifa’s hanging Bahai Gardens, Akko’s coastal views, and Caesarea’s untainted ruins will leave you mesmerized. Take a free day to roam Eilat’s fun-loving city on your own before crossing the Taba border into Egypt. See the iconic Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the world of Saqqara. Journey to Luxor to visit the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, and more as you indulge in riveting tales of these historic sites. 

Best suited for adventurers seeking a thrilling Middle East experience, this 12 Day Israel and Egypt Tour Package is tailored for you. Feast your eyes on famous sites, iconic landmarks, and brilliant viewpoints throughout your adventure. As you’re led by local experts, take in the enthralling beauty – both ancient and pastoral – and explore all there is to discover. Besides expert guides, this incredible tour includes 11 nights of accommodation, delicious Egyptian breakfasts, and many more delights. Book your tour today!

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12 day Israel and Egypt Tour Package Highlights

  1. Explore the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi’s nature reserve, and Masada’s brilliant mountaintop views
  2. Jerusalem’s Old City will leave you captivated with its rich history and four ancient quarters
  3. Stop in the charming cities of Bethlehem, Capernaum, Nazareth, and Jericho to learn about their past
  4. See Haifa’s Baha'i Gardens, Caesearea’s archeological ruins, and Akko’s UNESCO World Heritage Site
  5. Wander some of the oldest sites in the world with expert guides and gain incredible insight along the way
  6. Indulge in fine Egyptian breakfasts and spend 11 nights in luxurious accommodations
  7. Unveil secrets of the past at the Giza Pyramids, Great Sphinx, and Saqqara’s City of the Dead
  8. Take memorable photos at Israel’s holiest sites and Egypt’s most iconic landmarks
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12 day Israel and Egypt Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem / Ben Gurion Airport
  • Make your way to your hotel
  • Drop off your luggage at the hotel, and spend some time relaxing or head out for solo explorations of the White City
  • Airport transfer is available if 'pick up at the airport' is selected
  • Add one of our Tel Aviv city tours to make sure you don't miss any of its highlights
  • Overnight in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem
Day 2 - Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea
  • Pickup from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Arrival in Masada. Ascend via the cable car and explore the site with a guided tour
  • In Ein Gedi, wander the beautiful nature reserve, a true desert oasis
  • Enjoy floating along the Dead Sea’s waters and immersing in the unique muds with their healing qualities
  • Spend time at the lowest point on Earth and take time for lunch
  • Depart from the Dead Sea
  • Overnight in vibrant Tel Aviv or historic Jerusalem
Day 3 - Jerusalem
  • Pickup from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Old City Tour - see the four quarters: Jewish, Christian, Arab and Armenian
  • Walk from Tzahal Square to the Municipality complex, Jaffa Street, Davidka Square, and Nachlaot
  • Explore the Machane Yehuda Market
  • Overnight in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem
Day 4 - Bethlehem, Jericho and River Jordan
  • Pickup from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Arrive in Bethlehem; meet your local guide and tour the vibrant city
  • Continue to Jericho for your guided tour and ascend the Mount of Temptation
  • Visit the Qasr al Yahud Baptismal Site on the Jordan River
  • Overnight in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Day 5 - Galilee, Nazareth & More
  • Pickup from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Arrive in Nazareth and tour the neighboring sites
  • Arrive at the Sea of Galilee; visit the famous Capernaum and Tabgha
  • Arrive at River Jordan’s Yardenit
  • Overnight in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem
Day 6 - Cesarea, Haifa and Akko
  • Pickup from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  • Tour of Caesarea - see the 2,000-year-old remains of the Roman amphitheater and hippodrome
  • Explore Akko, the city of the Crusaders, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit Haifa and see the famous hanging Bahai Gardens and Stella Maris Monastery
  • Leave late at night towards Eilat
Day 7 - Free Day in Eilat
  • Arrive to Eilat in the morning
  • Enjoy a free day in Eilat; roam the lively city on your own
  • Do some shopping, and go swimming in the crystal blue waters
  • Overnight in Eilat
Day 8 - Free Day in Nuweiba
  • Cross the Taba Border Crossing in the morning and head into Egypt for the last leg of the journey
  • Enjoy a free day in Nuweiba; we recommend snorkeling to witness the colorful reefs of the Red Sea or taking a hike in the Rainbow Canyon
  • You can also add an optional day tour before your transfer to Cairo in the evening
  • Overnight in Cairo (breakfast included)
Day 9 - Cairo
  • Start your day with a journey into Egypt's rich past at the largest archaeological museum in the Middle East - the Egyptian Museum
  • Choose from over 120,000 artifacts, stunning art, and ancient objects to see with your guide, including mummies, opulent jewelry, ancient earthenware, and King Tutankhamen's treasures
  • Next, get a guided tour of the Papyrus Institute, where you'll learn all about the ancient art of papyrus production
  • See a demonstration of how papyrus is made, with an opportunity to order your own custom-designed papyrus as a souvenir
  • Overnight in Cairo (breakfast included)
Day 10 - Giza Pyramids and Saqqara
  • Set out to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site and ancient Wonder of the World, the towering pyramids of Giza
  • Marvel at these world-famous monuments, from largest to smallest: Cheops, Khefren, and Mankura
  • Marvel at the incredible Sphinx statue that guards the pyramids
  • Then, head to Saqqara, the sprawling royal necropolis next to the Step Pyramid and the Pyramid of Unas
  • Get an insider look at the lives and deaths of the Pharaohs, and see an active archaeological dig site where more treasures are being discovered to this day
  • Finish the day with a drive to the lush capital of ancient Egypt on the Nile River Delta, Memphis
  • Take a tour with your guide and see its famous necropolises before driving to Cairo Train Station
  • Finish the day with an overnight ride on a sleeper train to Luxor (breakfast and dinner included)
Day 11 - Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Cairo
  • After a morning pick-up at the train station, head to Luxor, perched on the banks of the Nile River
  • Explore this former capital of North Egypt, also referred to as Thebes, following your guide past breathtaking sites including the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens as you cross the river
  • See the tombs and learn how ancient Egyptian royalty was buried and revered
  • Enjoy lunch in one of several local restaurants before continuing on to the Western Bank's other highlights
  • See the Memnon and Hatshepsut Temple with your guide before crossing back over the river for an in-depth tour of the Luxor and Karnak Temples
  • Drive back to the train station for another overnight sleeper train ride
  • Take the overnight train back to Cairo (breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)
Day 12 - Departure
  • Awake to a hearty breakfast aboard the train and arrive in Cairo, where you can explore further on your own
  • You can also make your way to the airport to embark on your next destination, taking everlasting memories of your Middle Eastern adventures along with you!
  • (Breakfast on the sleeper train included)
NB - all timings on 12 day Israel and Egypt Tour Package are approximate
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