Things to do in Israel in October 2021

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October in Israel is a busy month. The summer is behind us, but many events take advantage of the milder weather, including music festivals and concerts across the country. One thing is clear, October 2021 in Israel will be a fun-packed month!

With the sun setting over the Summer, there are loads of events in Israel in October making the most of the last summer heat

Important Note

Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the uncertainty that it has ushered in, many events are canceled or postponed. We will not be removing seasonal events from this page to offer you an overview of the events typically offered this time of year, but please check directly with the coordinators if you’re planning on attending any events.

October 2021 Events in Israel

October 14-16 – The annual InDNegev festival, one of the leading independent music festivals in Israel, will take place in Israel’s Negev desert.

October 14-16 – A relatively new addition to the festival scene, Tel Aviv’s New Orleans Jazz Festival hosts an impressive lineup of international artists performing ragtime, blues, dixie, and more.

October 25-30 – The Israeli version of the world-famous Burning Man festival, Midburn is a place to experience the Negev desert in a unique way.

*Check this page again soon – we are constantly updating our event calendars!

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