Things to Do in Israel in October 2022

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This year, the most important festivals in the Jewish calendar fall in October, making it a fantastic and illuminating time to visit Israel. The weather is cooling down and the country moves into vacation mode. Between cultural celebrations and desert ragers, These are our recommendations for the best things to do in Israel in October 2022.

While October is a special month in Israel, there are several dates which are national holidays: Alongside every Shabbat, on October 4, 5, 9, 10, 16, and 17, many restaurants and attractions are closed, and public transportation doesn’t run. If your flight into Israel arrives on a Friday, Saturday, or one of the mentioned dates, click here to book an airport transfer. 

Rather than wasting Israel’s national holidays stuck inside a hotel room, you can choose to make the most of your time in Israel by taking a guided tour of the wonders of Jordan. Read more about Petra, Wadi Rum and Jordan tours

These once-in-a-lifetime tours allow travelers to spend the days where Israeli cities are closed down experiencing the beauty of the ancient hidden city of Petra and the breathtaking red desert, Wadi Rum

The best part? Pick-up and drop-off is from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, and all your transport and accommodation is included in the package. All you need to bring is your backpack and your passport!

** Note: On the 4th and 5th of October, when the country shuts down for the national holiday of Yom Kippur, the only Jordan tours offered are the 3-Day and 4-Day Petra, Wadi Rum, and Jordan Highlights experience. Since there will be absolutely nothing open in Israel, it’s our most recommended travel experience on these dates! **

What’s On in Israel This Month?

October sees countless Jewish festivals, cultural events, music festivals, and parties in Israel. There’s so much to do! You don’t want to miss out on the festivities – learn more about the upcoming Jewish calendar celebrations:

  • October 4-5: Yom Kippur festival
  • October 9-16: Sukkot festival
  • October 17: Simchat Torah festival

Events in Israel in October 2022

  • October 6-17: International Storytelling Festival next to Tel Aviv
  • October 8-17: Haifa International Film Festival
  • October 10: DGTL festival: Israel’s hottest DJs play in Tel Aviv
  • October 10-14: Tamar Festival: Music festival at the Dead Sea
  • October 10-15: Midburn: Israel’s Burning Man
  • October 11-13: Abu Gosh Music Festival
  • October 11-14: Be’er Sheva Science Festival
  • October 11-14: Akko Festival: Fringe Theater performances
  • October 11-14: Paprika Festival in Spicy Way Farms in Moshav Beit-Lechem-Haglilit
  • October 12-14: “Arteology” Exhibition in the City of David, Jerusalem
  • October 13: Jerusalem March: city-wide Sukkot celebration
  • October 20-22: InDNegev: Underground music festival in the Negev desert
  • October 25-31: Halloween parties in Tel Aviv
    • Full weekend of haunted parties at Kuli Alma, one of Tel Aviv’s best clubs
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show screening in Lev Cinema, Dizengoff, Tel Aviv
    • 48 Hour Spooky Short Play Festival at Beit Alfa Theater in Tel Aviv

Don’t want to miss a thing? Choose a package tour of Israel and Jordan or build your own custom tour to see the best Israel has to offer this October.

Happy holidays!

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