Abu Gosh Music Festival: October 11-13, 2022

The Abu Gosh Music Festival takes place twice every year, and sees creators from the village of Abu Gosh in the Jerusalem Hills a few kilometers west of Jerusalem, usually famed for its hummus restaurants, come alive to the sound of music. The Abu Gosh Music Festival is one of Israel’s largest vocal music festivals taking place at the festivals of Sukkot (in Fall-time) and Shavuot (in Spring-time). The next Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival takes place October 11-13, 2022.

The festival currently takes place in Tel Aviv.

The Abu Gosh Music Festival

The Abu Gosh Festival was originally started in 1992, and has taken place twice every year, ever since. The festival lasts two to five days each time, and is centered around two churches in the village. The first, the Crusader-Benedictine Church, was built in the 12th century, and occupies a great position in the heart of the village. The second, Kiryat Ye’arim Church, is situated on a hill overlooking Abu Gosh and the stunning surrounding landscape of the Jerusalem Hills.

About Abu Gosh

The town of Abu Gosh is located just a few kilometers from Jerusalem. Famed for its hummus restaurants which attract Israelis from across the country every weekend, Abu Gosh is an Arab village which has formed a central role in Israeli society both for its hummus and its music festival.

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Event Date: 11/10/2022