Shavuot in Israel: June 11-12, 2024.

Shavuot, which translates to “weeks”, is a celebration to mark the completion of the 7-week Omer counting period following the Passover holidays. Shavuot in Israel is usually celebrated with an abundance of events: music festivals, exhibitions, and family-friendly activities. The holiday falls in May or early June each year, as the weather warms up and inspires outdoor activities. In 2024, Shavuot will fall from sundown on June 11 to sundown on June 12.

Shavuot in Israel

Shavuot in Israel: Customs

Shavuot in Israel is a celebration of the land’s bounty – for this reason, the tradition of indulging in dairy foods and fruits is embraced. Bakeries are bursting with mouth-watering delights, and various agricultural settlements in Israel (kibbutzim and moshavim) show off their abundant harvest with parades and ceremonies.

Shavuot in Israel

Shavuot in Israel: 2024 Events

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Best cheesecake deliveries:

It’s hard to mess up cheesecake – with creamy goodness and graham cracker crust, deliciousness is practically guaranteed. From classic favorites to vegan options, here are the best cheesecake options in Tel Aviv:

Boutique Central:

Since it’s tradition to indulge in dairy, not specifically cheesecake, Boutique Central will encourage you to sample a bit of everything. Try their classic baked cheesecake and throw in some cherry-cheese krantz or dulce de leche alfajores for a festive culinary fusion.

The Showroom Bakehouse:

If you’re like us, you’ve been eyeing The Showroom Bakehouse on Wolt all through isolation. As if we needed an excuse to order a dozen gourmet doughnuts, they added designer face-masks to their Wolt options, which sold out quickly! Now for Shavuot, they have a special lemon cheesecake doughnut with white chocolate glaze and merengue – oh, Showroom Bakehouse – you always know the way to our hearts!


If you’re trying to get back into a healthy routine, Roladin has a classic baked cheesecake with no added sugar – yes, please! Does this mean that we can have an extra slice? Does it?

Anastasia Cafe:

Vegan or not, this just might be the best cheesecake in town! Made from cashew and coconut cream with a delightful almond coconut crust, this is a healthy option that caters to the vegan capital of the world – excuse us as we dive in!

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