Sukkot in Jerusalem 2023

Sukkot in Jerusalem is one of the most special times to visit the holy city. This is one of the busiest times in Jerusalem for events, when kids are off school and thousands of tourists head to the city from around the world. This year’s Sukkot festival is from September 29th – October 6th, 2023. Most of the events for Sukkot in Jerusalem take place throughout the intermediate days of the holiday.

Check back later to see 2023’s Sukkot events. In the mean time, check out what we did during Sukkot last year in Jerusalem.

Sukkot in Jerusalem – What’s on in 2023

The Jerusalem March takes place every Sukkot in Jerusalem. By Avital Pinnick, via Flickr
The Jerusalem March takes place every Sukkot in Jerusalem. By Avital Pinnick, via Flickr

Safra Square Sukkah: The main Sukkah for the city of Jerusalem (and the largest Sukkah in Israel) will be the Safra Square Sukkah in the center of the city. Read more about the events at the Safra Square Sukkah.

The Jerusalem March takes place every year on Sukkot a special march through the city takes place featuring visitors from around the world. This year, it takes place on October 4th. For more information, see Jerusalem March.

See how the locals celebrate with a guided tour of Jerusalem’s old and new city. Many Jerusalem residents spend their week eating and sleeping in self-made huts, and it’s something you have to see if you’re traveling through Jerusalem this Sukkot! Here’s how to join a day tour of Jerusalem this Sukkot: Best of Jerusalem Day Tour

Bike Tours of Jerusalem will run throughout Sukkot – a great way to explore this beautiful city. More about Jerusalem Bike Tours.

Take the opportunity to explore Jerusalem a little better. Get together family and friends, hire a private guide for the day, and see more of Jerusalem. More about private Jerusalem tours.

Sukkot Elsewhere in Israel

To learn more about the festival, see our article about Sukkot in Israel.

Articles about Sukkot in Tel AvivSukkot in the Galilee, and Sukkot in the Negev and Dead Sea can help with many many more ideas of great things to do.

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