Sukkot in Jerusalem 2022

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Sukkot in Jerusalem is one of the most interesting times to visit the city. Events for Sukkot in Jerusalem take place throughout the intermediate days of the holiday – one of the busiest times in Jerusalem for events with kids off school and thousands of tourists heading to the city from around the world.

Sukkot and Covid-19

Sukkot 2022 takes place from October 9-16 and many events for this holiday season are cancelled or postponed without further notice. We offer you the previous year’s schedule to give you a better idea of what to expect at this time of the year, but dates have not been updated since they do not exist. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Sukkot in Jerusalem – Events from 2021

The Jerusalem March takes place every Sukkot in Jerusalem. By Avital Pinnick, via Flickr
The Jerusalem March takes place every Sukkot in Jerusalem. By Avital Pinnick, via Flickr

Safra Square Sukkah: The main Sukkah for the city of Jerusalem (and the largest Sukkah in Israel) will be the Safra Square Sukkah in the center of the city. Read more about the events at the Safra Square Sukkah.

The Jerusalem March takes place every year on Sukkot a special march through the city takes place featuring visitors from around the world. This years the Jerusalem March got unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19. For more information, see Jerusalem March

The Israel Festival will be held for the the 59th time in Jerusalem. Experience a mixture of Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Video Instalations and more. The Israel Festival will be from September 3-12th

Jerusalem Jazz Festival – The Jazz Festival will be held in the Garden of the Israel Museum from September 8-10, 2021, and will be part of the Israel Festival.

Bike Tours of Jerusalem will run throughout Sukkot – a great way to explore this beautiful city. More about Jerusalem Bike Tours.

Take the opportunity to explore Jerusalem a little better. Get together family and friends, hire a private guide for the day, and see more of Jerusalem. More about private Jerusalem tours.

Sukkot elsewhere in Israel

For general information, see our article about Sukkot in Israel

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