Sukkot in the North of Israel 2023

Sukkot in the North of Israel and the Galilee marks the end of summer and the start of the winter months, and a final rush of great events take place before the weather changes. Many nature-oriented and family-friendly festivals will take place during Sukkot in the Galilee and the North. This year Sukkot is September 29 – October 6.

Check back later to see 2023’s Sukkot events. In the mean time, check out what we did during Sukkot last year in the North of Israel.

Sukkot in Haifa

Sukkot in the northern city of Haifa centers around the annual Haifa Film Festival which takes place in the city each year drawing some 70,000 to watch over 280 film screenings! The festival will be held this year from September 19-28.

Events during Sukkot in the North of Israel

A balloon glow display
A balloon glow display like that which will take place during Sukkot in the Galilee

The Israeli Fringe Theater Festival takes place in the ancient crusader north-east port city of Akko on the Mediterranean during Sukkot and features over 300 artists. Read more about the Akko Festival.

In Safed, the ancient city center of Kaballah, the small city in the mountains of Northern Israel is beautiful during Sukkot with many events happening throughout town. Read more about Sukkot in Safed.

Other Things to do During Sukkot in the North

Jeep Tours are a great way to explore the outdoors. The great weather at sukkot – cool but sunny – makes jeep tours in the Galilee a great experience during the holiday.

There are several festivals including The Paprika Festival on Farms through the Spices which is held at the Spice Road Farm in the Bethlehem Galilee Region from October 11-14, 2022.

Take a hike in the Galilee during Sukkot – it’s a really beautiful time as the cool weather means it’s pleasant walking conditions. Maybe take a few days and hike a trail such as the Jesus Trail or the Golan Trail.

If the hot air balloon festivals aren’t enough for you – take a hot air balloon ride in the Galilee for yourself.

If you want a more creative time, visit the Ein Hod Artists Colony on Mount Carmel.

Israel has some amazing spas so take a couple of days away to relax and enjoy their hospitality. Here is our guide to spas in Israel.

Elsewhere in Israel

For general information, see our article about Sukkot in Israel

Articles about Sukkot in JerusalemSukkot in Tel Aviv, and Sukkot in the Negev and Dead Sea can help with many many more ideas of great things to do.

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