Jerusalem ist das religiöse und historische Epizentrum der Welt. Eine surreale und pulsierende Stadt, heilig für Juden, Muslime und Christen, und damit weltweit für mehr als ein Drittel aller Menschen. Jerusalem ist gleichermaßen einzigartig und besonders. Über seine religiöse und historische Bedeutung hinaus ist Jerusalem die Hauptstadt des heutigen Israel und eine fortschrittliche, dynamische Stadt, die man gesehen haben muss um es zu glauben. Jerusalem auf eigene Faust zu erkunden ist fantastisch, aber wenn Sie diesen glorreichen Ort zum ersten Mal besuchen, ist eine Tour einfach ein Muss. Bei so viel, was es zu sehen und zu wissen gibt, ist es unverzichtbar, einen erfahrenen Reiseführer an seiner Seite zu haben.

City of David & Underground Jerusalem is a great way to explore the history of Jerusalem

Die Altstadt

The Old City of Jerusalem is full of the historical and religious elements that make this city so special. The one-square-kilometer walled urban area is central to Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Western Wall in the Jewish Quarter, the last remaining wall of the Jewish temple complex, is Judaism’s holiest site. Jesus died, was buried, and was resurrected in Jerusalem, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City is shared by many denominations. In Islam, Jerusalem is considered the place from which Muhammad ascended to heaven, and the Dome of the Rock makes this city the third holiest for Muslims. The four quarters of the Old City, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian, contrast with each other, but what remains bizarrely constant is the way in which the inhabitants of this special place go about their daily business. You can get a great overview of the old town from the Ramparts Walk. The Old City of Jerusalem is simply not to be missed. The Jerusalem day tour is a great way to experience this amazing place with a complete guided tour. It is also very worthwhile to connect Jerusalem with Bethlehem.

Die Neustadt

But Jerusalem is not just an ancient city. Modern West Jerusalem is the capital of present-day Israel with the modern structures you would expect from a capital city. Though not as liberal as its younger, more laid-back sister, Tel Aviv (just 45 minutes away by car), Jerusalem has become a significant cultural hub. There are excellent restaurants and the trend towards good food that has swept across Israel has not passed by the city. Restuarant can be found mainly in the German Colony and along Emek Refaim Street, which is something of an oasis of modernity and liberalism in this conservative city. Likewise, modern Jerusalem has the businesses and institutions that one would expect to find elsewhere. All this, however, with a small peculiarity, since by law all buildings in Jerusalem must be covered with the gold-colored Jerusalem stone for which the city is famous.

Ben Yehuda und Mahane Yehuda Markt

The modern center of Jerusalem is the pedestrian zone around Ben Yehuda Street, which offers a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops. In recent years, however, it has faced competition from Mamilla, a pedestrian street that leads to the Jaffa Gate of the Old City and is home to very upscale shops, restaurants and hotels. Often overlooked, Jerusalem’s lively nightlife is a very special experience compared to Tel Aviv.

Hier finden Sie auch den Machne Yehuda Markt, Jerusalems größten Markt mit über 250 Händlern. Der Machne Yehuda Markt ist einer der lebhaftesten Teile der Stadt. Hier finden Sie alles von Lebensmitteln und Haushaltsgegenständen, über ausgezeichnete Hole-in-the-Wall-Restaurants bis hin zu tollen Bars für Nachtschwärmer.

Machne Yehuda market is an interesting and vibrant market


There are also a variety of fascinating museums in Jerusalem to round out your visit to the city. Perhaps the most important among them is Yad Vashem, which is located on the beautiful Mount Herzl. It is the Israeli memorial to the millions of people who perished in the Holocaust. The incredible museum tells the story of the Holocaust not only in words, but also through its oppressive architecture and moving multimedia content. Yad Vashem is a place that everyone should visit. Just down the street from Yad Vashem, the newly renovated Israel Museum houses a huge array of artistic, archaeological, historical, and cultural exhibits, including the world-famous Dead Sea Scrolls. For kids, there’s the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, which has become one of Israel’s most popular visitor attractions, with its wide variety of animals (including a biblical theme, since it’s Jerusalem after all), as well as some other everyday favorites!

Zusammenfassend ist Jerusalem einfach einzigartig. Eine Stadt, die Altes und Neues perfekt miteinander vereint und in der drei Religionen friedlich aufeinandertreffen. Jerusalem wir nicht umsonst die “Stadt aus Gold” genannt. Keine Reise nach Israel ist komplett ohne einen Besuch dieses besonderen Ortes.

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