Planning a Multi-Generational Trip to Israel

Looking to plan a multi-generational trip to Israel? Whether you’re celebrating a grandparent’s 80th birthday, a child’s Bar Mitzvah, or having a family reunion, Israel is the perfect place to take your extended family on holiday. A small country that offers so much, Israel is easy to get around and for this reason, you can pack in a lot of activities even if you just have a week or two. Your multi-generational trip to Israel will provide a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole family together to discover all of the incredible things that Israel offers. Here are our top tips on planning a multi-generational trip to Israel.

Book Private Transfers

Our top tip is to book private transfers. They are without a doubt the best way to get around Israel when traveling with a group. They are especially critical if you’re traveling with older people who aren’t as physically capable and need more customized travel and transportation. You can book the transfers to go anywhere you want. Best of all, the transfers can be booked when you want and where you want, giving you complete control of your trip. If you are looking to avoid a lot of stress, and complaints from tired kids and grandparents, then private transfers are an absolute must.

Plan for Down Time

As much fun as it is, traveling can be exhausting. This can be the case in Israel where there are so many different things to do, and travelers try to pack it all in during their short stay. Your days will be long and family members might start to get irritated by one another. For everybody’s sake, it’s important to set aside enough time to rest. This is not only to maintain the cohesiveness of the group, but also to give the grandparents in the group time to regain their energy. So you don’t end up with a bunch of kids whining that they’re bored, a great idea is to stay at a family-friendly hotel that has a pool and activities for the kids. This way, there is something for the kids to do while the adults are resting.

Another good option for down time is to go to the beach. Israel is blessed with nearly 300 kilometers of coast and has some great beaches, many of which have restaurants. A lot of the restaurants offer chairs and beds to rent right on the beach. This way, all of the adults can rest (and yes, resting does include some Israeli beer) while the younger ones build sandcastles and splash in the sea.

See History

Israel is chock-full of history, every which way you turn. There are numerous historical sites to visit in Israel that are interesting for the whole family. Not only are the sites impressive and beautiful, but they provide an educational experience for the kids. Even the adults in the group who may have already visited Israel will love to experience things they may have seen years ago, especially through the eyes of their children. Walk the cobbled streets in the Old City of Jerusalem; the children will be mesmerized by all of the little trinkets being sold and will love trying local food like freshly baked pita and pastries. Other family-friendly activities include taking the cable car up to Masada to see the ancient ruins and visiting King Herod’s ancient seaside port city at Caesarea.

Connect with your Religion

Israel is an important religious destination for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Your trip to Israel may have a religious focus. Even if it doesn’t, your trip to Israel can be a great opportunity to dive deeper into your religion and develop a closer connection to your religious roots. Jewish families will find meaning in visiting the Western Wall and Christian families in walking the Via Dolorosa and visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Traveling to Israel over the holidays? Christmas and Hanukkah are especially unique times to be in Israel. Visit Bethlehem or Nazareth for Christmas festivities and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for all things Hanukkah.

Visit Child-Friendly Sites

There are plenty of family-friendly sites in Israel that are not only fun for the kids, but for the rest of the family, too. Take the kids to the Children’s Museum where they can experience Dialogue in the Dark and understand what life is like from the perspective of a blind person. The Madatech Science Museum is another great option for the whole family. This hands-on science museum is located in Haifa and has tons of exhibits and 3D movies. Kids will also love Mini-Israel, a park located just outside of Jerusalem which features tiny replicas of buildings and main landmarks in Israel.

Get Outdoors

There is no place that is better to get outdoors than in Israel. Israel is filled with national parks and outdoor activities. Even with grandparents who are less active, there are plenty of outdoor activities that won’t have them panting and out of breath. A day spent in nature is one that the entire family can enjoy together. There are waterfalls, caves, hiking trails, and stunning views to be seen all over. The Dead Sea is a great place to spend the day and a crowd-pleaser all around. The whole family will bond over floating in the salty waters and slathering themselves with mud and many laughs are sure to be had.

Book interesting accommodation

There are so many different types of accommodation you can stay in during your trip. A unique and interesting experience for the whole family is to stay at a kibbutz.  Some kibbutzim are equipped with pools and offer activities for kids. Another family-friendly accommodation is to stay in a Bedouin tent in the desert. And if you’re thinking we are crazy to suggest that you stay in a tent with grandma and grandpa, don’t worry, it’s not what you think. There are luxury Bedouin tents that will keep the adults comfortable while the entire family bonds over the adventure together. Many of the Bedouin tents also offer activities, like camel rides and jeep safaris. If your family is extra daring you can even cross over the border into Jordan and stay in a Martian bubble tent in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert.

Visit Eilat

Eilat is a great place to take the entire family. Short flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat’s Ramon Airport make getting there very easy and quick. There are a ton of kid-friendly activities to do in Eilat that are also fun for the whole family. Explore the underwater world in the Underwater Marine Observatory, visit Timna Park, visit the Red Canyon, and enjoy the Eilat promenade which is full of amusement park rides and restaurants. Stay in an all-inclusive resort on the promenade where you’ll be able to enjoy the pool and take advantage of delicious Israeli buffets.

Book private tours

Planning a multi-generational trip to Israel requires time and effort. Booking private tours is a great way to see the entire country without the stress of planning it on your own. Leave the planning up to expert trip planners that will organize the best tour for your entire family. They will help you customize the tour of your dreams and help your family create the most memorable trip ever.

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