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Hiking in Israel

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    Best Outdoor Workouts in Israel

    With lots of people being kept people indoors and on their couches, we know that a lot of you are looking to get outside and move while staying safe, so we’ve... explore more
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    Top 5 Hiking Spots in Israel

    From the north to the south, and east to west, there are trails to appeal to everyone, from families to intrepid trekkers: here are our top 5 hiking spots in Israel.... explore more
  • Red Canyon Eilat

    Red Canyon, Eilat

    The Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains is one of Israel’s most beautiful yet accessible hiking trails. Twenty minutes north of Eilat, the Red Canyon offers an undisturbed hike through the... explore more
  • BelvoirFortress2-Kramer

    Belvoir Fortress

    The Belvoir Fortress could be considered one of the north’s best kept secrets in Israel. Just 20 kilometers south of the Sea of Galilee sits the crusader castle that dates back to... explore more
  • Eilat Mountains

    Eilat Mountains

    The Harei Eilat, or Eilat Mountains, offer some of the most breathtaking views and spectacular desert routes in all of Israel. This large mountain range is located just miles north of... explore more
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    Zin Valley-Ein Akev Hike

    The hike in the Zin Valley is a classic desert hike – a trail that has it all: amazing views of the wilderness of the Zin Valley, the biggest spring in the Negev, Ein Akev,... explore more
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    Hiking in Israel - an Introduction

    Hiking in Israel is simple – the country has one of the best networks of trails in the world, with more than 9000 km (5500 miles) of marked trails for hiking,... explore more
  • Ramot Menashe Inon (1)

    Ramot Menashe Trail - One Family's Story

    While many Israeli families use Passover holiday to travel overseas the Inon family started a tradition that follows the footsteps of Moses and the Children of Israel – a multi-day hiking... explore more
  • AbrahamPathYatirForest(JulianBender)

    The Abraham Path

    The Abraham Path is a hiking trail being developed across the Middle East. The section in Israel crosses the Northern Negev, currently passing from Beer Sheva to Masada at the Dead... explore more
  • masada snake path

    Masada Snake Path

    The Masada Snake Path is one of the most iconic hikes in Israel. Starting from the base of Masada, a famous fortress which stands beside the Dead Sea, the Snake Path... explore more