Flights to Israel in May 2021 – Who’s Flying to Tel Aviv During COVID-19?

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After a record-breaking year for Israeli tourism in 2019, the corona-virus pandemic has brought international travel to a halt since early 2020. The list of who’s flying to Tel Aviv during COVID-19 is constantly changing. This situation can be quite confusing. Ben Gurion International Airport has experienced a flight reduction of close to 85%. This is relative to the usual schedule of flights to Tel Aviv.

**Last updated May 4th, 2021**

At the moment, entry to Israel is only permitted for Israeli passport holders, residence visa holders, and passengers with specific entry approval. The restrictions are expected to slowly loosen in the coming months with tourism allowed in from late May. More information can be found in our article about travel to Israel during covid-19. Ben Gurion Airport is currently open with flights resuming from many destinations.

Whilst Ben Gurion Airport is currently open as usual, in order to make traveling more comfortable, we recommend considering using a vip fast-track service to make transferring through the airport less stressful.

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Please Note

We are updating this information as it evolves. The information below will change in accordance with the websites of the airlines. This may not be the most up to date information as the situation is constantly changing. The airlines and flights below are as accurate as they can be. Sign up for updates at the bottom of this page to see who’s flying to Tel Aviv during Covid-19.

United Airlines

Flights to Israel in March 2021

United Airlines continues to operate two daily flights between Newark New York and Tel Aviv, as well as three weekly flights from San Francisco to Tel Aviv. Flights to Chicago have been reinstated to 3 times a week, however routes to Washington DC are currently suspended.


Delta has resumed daily flights from New York to Tel Aviv. On the 1st of June, flights will rise from 10 to 14 a week.

American Airlines

American Airlines’ new routes include flights in from London and Amsterdam, with more US routes expected in the summer of 2021. On May 8th, American Airlines will return to operate in Israel, launching its first flight to JFK.


Germany’s flag carrier has returned to Tel Aviv. Flights from Frankfurt will increase from seven to ten when the afternoon flight will operate three times a week. The Munich flights will continue and increase to four.

Ethiopian Airlines

flights to tel aviv

Ethiopian Airlines has four weekly departures from Addis Ababa to Tel Aviv.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines has resumed flights between Athens and Tel Aviv, with routes available several times per week.

Air Europa

Flights from Madrid to Tel Aviv with Air Europa leave a few times a week.

Air Canada

This Northern American airline has resumed flights to Tel Aviv. There are two weekly flights from Toronto. Flights to Montreal will resume twice a week from July 5th.


flying to tel aviv during covid-19

Wizzair has renewed flights to Israel, and the routes include flights from Luton, Larnaca, Bucharest, Cluj, Abu Dhabi, Budapest, Sofia, and Vienna. Flights to other destinations will resume during May and June.

Air France

Reliable as always, Air France has a daily flight from Paris to Tel Aviv that is operating as normal.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines continues to operate one or two daily flights flights between Istanbul and Tel Aviv.


Airmoldova is currently operating flights from Chisinau.

El Al

Who’s flying to Tel Aviv during COVID-19?

El Al has increased their flights again, with arrivals and departures all across the globe. Flights arriving into Israel are arriving from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Seychelles, South Africa, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the UAE, the UK, and the USA.


Flights will resume to Israel in May, 2021.


Iberia is currently flying four times a week from Madrid to Tel Aviv

TAP Air Portugal

TAP will resume four flights per week to Tel Aviv in May 2021, with a daily flight expected by the summer

British Airways

BA currently flies several flights per week from London Heathrow to Tel Aviv

Brussels Airlines

The Belgian Airline is expected to return after a yearlong break. Starting with one weekly flight on Mondays, starting in the second half of May.


Flights to Tel Aviv in June 2020

Israir is still operating under reduced conditions, and is flying to Tel Aviv from Larnaca, Paphos, Dubai, and Batumi, among others. 

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss resumed flights from Zurich to Tel Aviv, with three flights weekly.

Philippine Airlines

PAL announced nonstop flights from Manila-Tel Aviv.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines will operate a daily flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv.

Air Baltic

This airline is flying between Riga and Tel Aviv three times a week.


Airlines flying to Israel

Belavia is operating two weekly flights that connect through Minsk and travel to Tel Aviv.


The Irish budget airline is flying to Tel Aviv from many European cities including Krakow, Paphos, Vienna, and Budapest.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines resumed daily flights between Istanbul and Tel Aviv.


The budget British airline is currently flying from Berlin, Basel, Geneva, and London to Tel Aviv. Other routes will resume in the coming weeks.

Ukraine International Airlines

Flights to Israel from Abroad

This specialty airline is currently offering flights from Kyiv and Odessa to Tel Aviv daily.

Gulf Air

Gulf Air has announced a weekly flight from Bharain to Tel Aviv from June.


This budget airline is now offering 14 flights a week from Dubai International Airport and Ben Gurion. Flights operate twice a day.


Virgin has resumed four flights a week between London and Tel Aviv.


There are weekly flights departing from both Miami and New York to Ben Gurion National Airport.

Arkia Israel

This Israeli airline is now flying to Ben Gurion from Larnaca, Batumi, Dubrovnik, Dubai, Tbilisi, and Belgrade.

Cyprus Airways

Starting June 24th, Cyprus Airways will start to operate 7 weekly flights from Tel Aviv to Larnaca.

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