COVID-19 Update: Israel Travel Rules & Guidelines

The COVID pandemic changed the face of global travel. These days, regulations can be tricky to navigate when traveling to Israel. The most dramatic change to Israel’s entry policy since the start of the pandemic means that Israel is once again open to all travelers. However, the finer details can be hard to navigate. Read on for the most up-to-date regulations and conditions for travel to Israel in the post-COVID era. 

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Last updated November 2023

What are Israel’s current travel rules for Coronavirus?

  • All tourists (regardless of whether vaccinated or not), from all countries are able to travel to Israel.
  • Tourists flying to Israel no longer require any testing before or after their flight. The same applies to cruises and land borders.
  • Currently, tourists are permitted to travel to Israel from all countries. There are no countries on the Red List.
  • Tourists do not need to isolate themselves upon entering Israel.

Read on for more detailed information.

What forms and tests are needed to travel to Israel?

As of November, it is no longer currently necessary to fill out an entry or exit form before flying to Israel.

You are required to hold health insurance with coverage for the treatment of COVID-19 for the duration of your trip. We recommend travel insurance via InsureMyTrip.

What’s It Like in the Israeli Airport Since COVID-19?

While travel to Israel has returned to normal, the airport experience at Israel’s international airport, Ben Gurion Airport, is still more complex than it was before COVID-19. Travelers have reported much longer waiting times than usual, and trouble with public transport once leaving the airport. As of summer 2022, it’s recommended to get to Ben Gurion airport three hours before your scheduled departure.

Pre-booking an airport transfer to and from Ben Gurion airport is the best way to ensure a smooth travel experience. Taking a last-minute taxi from the taxi rank outside the airport is notoriously overpriced and has long waiting times, so it’s also the cost-effective option.

How To Avoid Long Waits at Ben Gurion Airport

If you want to avoid long waits at the airport altogether, you have the option to book a VIP fast-track airport service. This personalized service makes the airport experience hassle-free and more comfortable both on arrival and departure. You’ll be able to skip immigration queues on arrival, and security and check-in queues on departure. 

The fastest way to get through Ben Gurion airport is via the private Fattal Terminal. This option reduces lines entirely and transfers you to the dedicated area of the airport in a luxury car.

Flights to Israel- Who’s Flying to Tel Aviv?

Israel travel

As of January, flights to Israel have resumed, with around 300 flights a day from destinations around the world. Stay informed on which airlines are flying to Israel during COVID-19 here.

How Do You Enter Jordan From Israel After COVID-19?

September 2022 update: Jordan has re-opened its land borders with Israel for tourism. Travelers can once again cross into Jordan from Israel to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world, the lost city of Petra. For those traveling between Israel and Jordan via the Yitzhak Rabin, Allenby, or Jordan River land border crossings, the following sets of rules and regulations apply:

Procedure for entering Jordan from Israel by land:

Procedure for entering Israel from Jordan by land:

  • Must present a digital or printed confirmation of having filled out the entry statement form.

When crossing the land border from Israel to Jordan, it’s highly recommended to join an organized tour. This will ensure that you are able to see the incredible sights that Jordan has to offer without getting tripped up in logistics. The best value tour is this 2 day Petra and Wadi Rum experience. 

See all tours from Israel to Jordan

When Will I Need a Covid-19 Test in Israel?

Upon arrival in Israel:

  • No test is needed.

If you get sick in Israel: 

  • During your stay in Israel, you should take a test if you feel sick or are exposed to a confirmed Coronavirus case. Book a test here

Before departure from Israel:

  • Depending on the regulations of your next destination, you might need a PCR or Rapid Antigen Test before leaving Israel. For most countries, the PCR test can be carried out up to 72 hours before departure, and Rapid Antigen, 24 hours before departure. According to the USA’s entry regulations, it’s strongly recommended to get tested before your departure.

How Can I Get a COVID Test in Israel?

Before leaving Israel, booking a Door-to-Door Covid test or visiting the Tel Aviv PCR test Center helps avoid the hassle of going to a hospital or an extra trip to the airport. There are also Rapid Antigen tests at the test center as well as door-to-door in Tel Aviv.

With regulations changing constantly, read about how to get a Covid test in Israel for precise information about the testing on arrival to and departure from Israel.

Got Wanderlust? Now’s The Time To Travel Again!

COVID-19 Update-When Will Travel to Israel Resume?

After two years of restricted movement, it’s wonderful to once again be able to explore the world. Many of us have understandably caught the wanderlust bug! One of the things this challenging time period has taught us is the importance of making the most of our opportunities to travel. Make your next Israel trip truly special by seeing some of the wonders that this unique destination in the Middle East has to offer.

Masada National Park has re-opened, and we know that your legs are begging for a hike after a long time indoors! Then, read up on the best restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the best beaches in Israel, the best national parks in Israel, and much more. Whether you’re physically in Israel, or just at heart: get ready to fall in love with the Holy Land all over again.

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Please note the information provided here is prepared in good faith however the official government policies are subject to change often at short notice, and always override anything published here.

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