COVID-19 Update-When Will Travel to Israel Resume?

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The Israel travel industry experienced a record-breaking year in 2019. An astounding 4.55 million tourists flocked to the Holy Land to experience some of the world’s most important sites. The tourism industry was equally optimistic about projections for 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic brought international travel to a halt. Now industry workers and travel lovers are left wondering: when will Israel travel open? We’ve got your back with updates and inspiration to dream up adventures to come!

Can Tourists Visit Israel Now?

As of April 13, 2021, travel to Israel for tourists is still paused, however plans to re-open the country for visitors have been announced. Thanks to Israel’s high vaccination rate, life in the country has returned to a situation which is close to normal.

The current expected timeline for Israel’s re-opening to tourists is as follows:

  • Currently, tourists cannot enter Israel unless they are coming to visit a first degree relative. Meanwhile, most hotels in Israel have mostly re-opened
  • From May 2021, a limited number of closed and pre-arranged tourist groups will be able to enter Israel
  • From July 2021, individual tourists will be able to enter Israel subject to several criteria (read on for more). Most Israel package tours and regular tours will resume. This is the date we have all been waiting for!

The information above is of course, subject to change. Sign up for updates at the bottom of this page in order to be the first to know when things change.

Who Can Visit? Do I need a Vaccine or Covid-19 Test to Visit Israel?

Whilst the situation is still dynamic and subject to change, the current plan is that when Israel opens to tourists, there will be the following requirements:

  • A negative corona test taken before the flight
  • A vaccine certificate
  • Upon arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport, visitors will be required to undergo a serological test.

It is still unclear whether serological test will be offered free of charge or for a small fee. And how long the results will take to be provided. We will continue to update.

Due to the more complex nature of the airport experience during these times, using vip fast-track airport service can make the airport experience hassle-free and more comfortable.

Is there a restriction on where I can visit Israel from?

COVID-19 Update-When Will Travel to Israel Resume?

It’s expected that Israel will initially open to visitors from countries whose governments sign reciprocal agreements allowing Israelis to visit. This list is constantly developing, however is expected to include Greece, Cyprus, the UAE, Croatia, Italy, the USA, UK, with more constantly in talks.

Flights to Israel- Who’s Flying to Tel Aviv?

Israel travel

As of April 2021 flights to Israel have resumed, with around 50 flights a day from destinations around the world. More flights are expected to begin during the coming weeks, and most airlines are expected to re-start their flights to Tel Aviv by the summer of 2021. Stay informed on which airlines are flying to Israel during COVID-19 here.

Got Wanderlust? Get Inspiration!

COVID-19 Update-When Will Travel to Israel Resume?

Many of us are experiencing restricted movement for the first time, and the wanderlust blues are real. Travel is symbolic of our freedom and joie de vivre. Not being able to jump on a plane or cross a border is a sobering reminder of how our reality has been impacted. One thing is certain: when travel does resume, it will taste that much sweeter and we won’t take a moment for granted. As we wait with eager anticipation, fill yourself with some inspiration with our bucket-list of adventures to come!

In Israel? Plan a Staycation

COVID-19 Update-When Will Travel to Israel Resume?

If you’re in Israel at the moment, now is the perfect time to plan a staycation! Restrictions are slowly lifting and the country is buzzing with its vibrant energy once again. Masada National Park has re-opened, and we know that your legs are begging for a hike! Check the official government guidelines for updated information here. Then read up on the best restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the best beaches in Israel, the best national parks in Israel, the best luxury hotels in Israel, as well as spas and activities to make sure you’re ready to go on the green light. Whether you’re physically in Israel, or just at heart: get ready to fall in love with the Holy Land all over again.

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