How to get from Israel to Sinai

More and more travelers are making their way to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, the desert region situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and wonder: How to get from Israel to Sinai? Known for the relaxed vibe and some of the best snorkeling and diving, Sinai’s southern tip known as Sharm el-Sheikh is particularly popular as a tourist destination. There are several ways to get from Israel to Sinai, all of which require travelers to first travel to the southern Israeli city of Eilat and then from there to pass through the international Taba border crossing to Egypt. The most common ways to travel between Israel and Sinai include a shuttle, public transportation, flights or private taxis.

Daily Shuttle from Tel Aviv/Jerusalem to Eilat

A shuttle bus from Jerusalem to Eilat and a shuttle bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat is available 7 days a week all year-round, including Fridays and Saturdays, in both directions. This comfortable and convenient one-way shuttle service departs from a central pickup location in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv city to Eilat. Our daily shuttle runs in both directions, with air-conditioned and modern vehicles, making the shuttle an excellent option for travelers. From Eilat, travelers can then use another shuttle or take a private taxi directly to the Taba border crossing. Using the shuttle service is one of the easiest ways to get from Israel to Sinai.

How to get from Israel to Sinai

Taxi from Israel to Sinai

Taxis from Israel to the Taba border crossing may range in price depending on the starting location. For those traveling from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, this is a very costly ride. However, for those travelers in Eilat, taking a taxi is very reasonable. We recommend to negotiate a flat rate for the drive in these cases.

Traveling from Israel to Sinai

Private transfer from Israel to Sinai

Private vehicles can be pre-booked for transfer from Israel to Amman as a way to get from Israel to Sinai. The vehicle will be changed at the border, from an Israeli vehicle to an Egyptian vehicle, and vehicles of all size are available including sedans, vans, minibusses, and large buses. Prices vary according to the specific address and required vehicle of choice.

Flight from Israel to Sinai

Travelers may also fly from Tel Aviv directly to Eilat and then arrange transfer towards the border. The Ramon Airport in Eilat allows travelers to fly either from Tel Aviv’s international airport Ben Gurion. Once landed in Eilat, passengers may take a private taxi or shuttle directly to the Taba border.

Crossing the border from Israel to Sinai

Please note: The Taba-Eilat border is the only crossing between Israel and Egypt. In order to cross the border, travelers must have Egyptian tourist visas – also required for those hiking the Sinai Trail. It is important to note that travel visas are not issued at the border and must be. For travelers who are only traveling to Sinai, most nationalities can obtain a free Sinai permit for up to 14 days.

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