How to get from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem

Getting from the Sinai resort of Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem, is closer and simpler than many people realise. A road transfer between the two cities takes only seven or so hours, making trips from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem popular excursions for visitors to the popular Egyptian resort. Because of the distances and costs involved, most people traveling from Sharm to Jerusalem, opt to join a tour, with one day and overnight options available, and these generally start from around $100 per person. The alternative way to travel is by private transport, however this is more expensive, especially considering the high transportation costs in Israel.

Tours from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem

Jerusalem view by Flickr user Or Hiltch
Jerusalem view by Flickr user Or Hiltch

Tours from Sharm to Jerusalem generally start in the early hours of the morning, heading north through the Sinai to the Taba Border Crossing and into Israel. The total border fees are approximately $45 and the border here is heavily used by tourists making the crossing procedure relatively quick and easy. Once in Israel, at the city of Eilat, you are a three to four hour drive from Jerusalem. Most tours, however, stop on the way to Jerusalem at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, where guests have the chance to float in the waters. Once in Jerusalem, most tours give a guided experience in the Old City followed by a visit to Bethlehem.

One day tours return back to Sharm after this, however overnight tours including the Galilee continue for another day of visiting some of the most famous sites in the world including Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, River Jordan, Haifa, and Tel Aviv before returning a day later to Sharm, making this a 48 hour excursion.

More details of specific trips from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem are found at these links:

  • One day tour from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Bethlehem available with guaranteed departures twice a week.
  • Two day tour from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Galilee, Haifa, and more, available twice a week guaranteed

Transportation from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem

Private and group transfers (shuttles) from Sharm to Jerusalem are readily available, with prices varying according to demand and the market. It is best to pre-book these services to guarantee their operation, and bear in mind that it is important to book with a reputable agency to ensure that there are strong operations on both sides of the border, in Israel and Egypt.

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