10 Ways to Experience Tel Aviv like a VIP

So you want to experience Tel Aviv like a VIP? You don’t need to be a celebrity or a president to do that. Follow our tips, and you’ll be traveling around Tel Aviv like a rock star in no time.

Fattal Terminal

Arrive in Israel like a boss. VIPs don’t involve themselves with other travelers. So are you going to go through the standard terminal?  No way, you’re a VIP! The private and very exclusive VIP Fattal Terminal solves the problem for you by bringing luxury right to your plane door, giving you the treatment you deserve. Allow a luxury car to pick you from up or drop you off at your plane. A personally assigned VIP steward will handle all of your travel needs, from start to finish. True VIPs don’t wait in lines and they definitely don’t handle their own luggage. All of your worries are taken care of at the Fattal Terminal. Avoid all the lines that accompany passport control and baggage security and allow your VIP steward to take care of it all for you. Want to freshen up or rest before a long flight? Book yourself an elegant private room. Worried about missing out on the duty free shopping in the main terminal? The Fattal Terminal is complete with two Duty Free shops, H.Stern, and James Richardson, so you can take care of all your pre- and post-flight shopping needs. The beverages, the food, and the chic lounge area make for a perfect airport experience without the hassle. Who said airports couldn’t be relaxing?

tel aviv airport vip lounge


Are you still testing the waters of VIP life? Maybe you’re not ready for the complete VIP service of the Fattal Terminal but you’re looking for a luxurious airport experience nonetheless. The VIP Assistance Service at Ben Gurion Airport is the perfect middle-ground for you. Available for both departing and arriving flights, the service gives passengers access to a fast-track experience at the airport. As Ben Gurion Airport is known for its gruesomely long lines and questioning, every VIP knows that VIPs don’t wait in line. Pass through security, baggage claim, passport control, and customs rapidly and without hassle. The service is especially good for groups. Now that’s some quality VIP service.


Planning to catch a taxi to or from the airport in Tel Aviv? Think again! VIPs don’t wait for taxis to become available and they definitely don’t take taxis in the first place. VIPs book private transportation in luxury cars that are reliable and provide quality service. Skip the taxi and ride in style in a top-of-the-line Mercedes S-Class vehicle.


Over the last five years, the luxury hotel industry has flourished in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv. When in Tel Aviv, you’ll have a number of luxury hotels at your disposal including the Carlton, Dan Tel Aviv, David Intercontinental, or The Setai. Beach view? Rooftop swimming pool? Spa & gym? These hotels have got it all. Looking for a more personable but equally luxurious stay? Head to The Norman.

vip hotel tel aviv


Want to sight-see around the country in complete privacy? Sounds like an impossible dream. How are you supposed to avoid other travelers climbing up Masada to see the sunrise or the hoards of people lathering themselves in the dead sea mud? The answer is to book a private VIP tour. A private tour definitely takes your trip up a notch. VIP tours can be planned completely around your wants and needs. Want to include helicopter transfers or low-profile visits to Israel’s top sites? It can all be arranged for you. A crowd-free travel experience will take your trip from zero to hero.


VIPs often have high standards when it comes to food. Fortunately, Israel is a mecca for food aficionados. There are a plethora of chef restaurants around Tel Aviv with food so flavorful that even the ultimate VIP will leave wanting more. Whether you opt for the surprise menu at Topolopompo or eat your weight in gourmet seafood at one of Tel Aviv’s up-scale classics like Shila, Claro, or Mashya, you won’t be disappointed.

SHOP TILL you Drop

While Tel Aviv is no Paris or New York in terms of fashion, you’d be surprised to find a number of boutique shops fit for a VIP king or queen. The best luxury shopping for international brands in Tel Aviv can be found in one of many high-end boutiques on He Be’iyar Street in Kikar Hamedina. You’ll find Israeli designer stores like Helga Design, Enigma, and Amor and international designers including Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Prada. Dizengoff street is also a trendy place to shop and filled with more little boutique stores, including some designers. If you are looking for that shopping mall atmosphere, head to Ramat Aviv Mall where you’ll find Brand names like Louis Vuitton.

shopping tel aviv


VIPs don’t go for average experiences. When they travel, they’re going to go all out – we’re talking once-in-a-lifetime Instagram-worthy experiences. They take desert night safari tours where they experience the desert after sunset and its sky full of twinkling stars. They cross into Jordan and stay in a luxurious Martian bubble tent in the middle of Wadi Rum on their way to their private tour in Petra. Things that so many miss out on int heir lifetime, you can easily cross off your bucket list when you visit Tel Aviv.


VIPs definitely skip public transportation and, quite frankly, even sometimes skip the cars. When it comes to getting around, they are always looking for ways to vamp up their transportation. One of the best ways to see Israel, especially for those VIPs who are short on time, is to take a helicopter. Due to the small size of Israel, it’s easy to cover the whole country in a few hours. See the stunning Mediterranean coast, the amphitheater and aqueduct at Caesarea and the port city of Akko from up above.


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but in the VIP world, they are everyone’s best friend. The Diamond Exchange in Israel, also known as ‘the Bursa’ is one of the biggest diamond exchanges in the world. Around 40-50% of the world’s diamonds go through these buildings. Join a Diamond Exchange Tour for an insider look inside the exchange. On the tour, you’ll also have a chance to buy diamonds. 15-carat diamond ring, anybody? When in Israel, do things like a VIP and go all out.

diamonds tel aviv

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