TUS Airways to launch flights from Düsseldorf to Tel Aviv, Israel in January 2022

TUS Airways, a Cyprus-based airline, has announced it will launch two weekly direct flights between Düsseldorf, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel beginning January 2022. This will be the only direct flight connecting the two cities. Flights from Düsseldorf, whose duration is 4 hrs. 30 mins, will depart to Tel Aviv at 3.00 pm on Mondays and 2.05 pm on Thursdays. Flights from Tel Aviv to Düsseldorf will depart at 9.30 am on Mondays and 3.00 pm on Thursdays, with a duration of 4 hrs. 55 mins.
With the announcement, the company also launches TUS BEST, a premium offering that includes seating at the front of the cabin with middle seat free, complimentary refreshments, lounge access, fast-track security (where available) and cabin & check-in luggage allowance.

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