Oznei Haman – Hamantaschen

As Purim in Israel approaches, it means it is time to eat some festive holiday treats! One particular holiday treat is known as Oznei Haman, also called Hamantaschen. The triangular cookie is a special Purim treat that only comes out once a year as bakeries across the country prepare their own version.

What does Oznei Haman mean?

The literal translation means “Haman’s Ear”, referring to the quintessential villain in the story of Purim. Purim, which celebrates the survival of the Jewish people in the Persian Empires against destruction in the plot by Haman. Part of the celebration of Purim is reading the Megillah (the Book of Esther), and booing or making noise when the name Haman is said. Another part of the holiday is eating the Hamantaschen cookies, said to be shaped like his ear.

Oznei Haman

What is an Oznei Haman?

Oznei Haman or Hamantaschen are delectable triangular cookies that are filled with a variety of fillings. Ranging from chocolate to poppyseed, apricot jam or strawberry, each cookie has its own unique flavor.

What else is special about Oznei Haman?

Another part of Purim celebrations is the gifting of Mishloach Manot which literally translates to “the sending of portions”. Also referred to as a Purim Basket, Mishloah Manot are gift baskets given to family and friends on Purim day. It is considered a mitzvah (good deed) to give out these baskets, and also comes from the Megillah (Book of Esther). The purpose of giving the baskets is to make sure that every person has enough food to eat to celebrate the festival of Purim. Oznei Haman are almost always included in Mishloah Manot baskets.

Where to get the best Oznei Haman?

Most bakeries will prepare fresh trays of Oznei Haman / Hamantaschen and display them each morning. Here are a few recommended places to get the best Oznei Hamman in Tel Aviv.


Great coffee, great vibes and, of course, Oznei Haman! Lachmanina has two locations and they sell creative Hamantaschen varieties including marzipan filled, along with the classic standards like poppyseed and apricot.
14 Kreminitzky St., Tel Aviv and 4 Marmorek St, Tel Aviv


Beautiful French bakery found in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the Oznei Haman are made traditionally French, using plenty of butter in the pastry and filling with decadent fillings like chocolate, pistachio, and even cherries.
Kol Israel Haverim St 7

Piece of Cake

For those looking to find vegan Oznei Haman, look no further than Piece of Cake. The bakery with several locations has perfected their recipe offering both vegan and non-vegan Oznei Haman. Piece of Cake offers varied flavors for their Hamantaschen including chocolate and nougat creme, and walnut raisin.

While celebrating Purim, tasting a few flavors of Oznei Haman is the best to find which is your favorite!

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