Mimouna in Israel. April 29-30, 2024

Mimouna is a festival originally celebrated by Moroccan Jews which has spread into more mainstream Israeli culture. Falling each year at the end of the Passover holiday, Mimouna in Israel is something of a feast following the Passover period when so many foods are prohibited. Mimouna is a 24 hour celebration and takes place immediately after the end of Passover. In 2024, Mimouna in Israel will be celebrated from the evening of April 29 to sundown on April 30.

Israeli Politician Tzipi Livni here celebrates at a Mimouna Party
Israeli Politician Tzipi Livni here celebrates at a Mimouna Party

Mimouna begins in the evening after the end of Passover and features a feast of sweet, Moroccan pastries and sweets. Among the customary foods are trays of fruit, honey and butter wafers, Zaben (white almond nougat), Marozia (fried raisins decorated with nuts), stuffed dates, Mazum (jam), and Mufleta – crepes dipped in honey and butter. The festival continues for 24 hours and for many Jews of Moroccan origin, is a bigger festival than Passover itself!

Each year Mimouna celebrations in Israel get bigger – from private parties to big communal celebrations. One of the most notable is the Mimouna celebration in Jerusalem’s Sacher Park which attracts about 100,000 people, often including the President and Prime Minister. In Tel Aviv, many of the city’s clubs and bars will have special events for celebration. On the following day, many families take to the country’s parks and gardens and have barbecues and picnics.

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