How to Visit Masada at Sunrise from Tel Aviv

Because it is an unforgettable experience, many visitors want to know how to visit Masada at sunrise from Tel Aviv. Masada is one of the most popular tourist sites in Israel. It is located above the Dead Sea, a fortress built into a mountain. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is much more than just an amazing archeological site, it stands as a symbol of heroism. Masada can be visited by car, but the best way to experience it from Tel Aviv is with a tour.

A Sunrise Experience at Masada

While the well-preserved remains of Masada can be visited throughout the day, one of the most exciting opportunities you have is to witness the sunrise at Masada. Travelers who have done this say it is one of their favorite memories of their visit to Israel. In the darkness, you hike your way up the snake path. The 90-minute journey brings you to the top of Masada where you will soon see the sun peeking out above the Moab Mountains and the Dead Sea.

masada at sunrise

Best Way to Visit Masada at sunrise from Tel Aviv

Participating in the sunrise experience at Masada means an extremely early wake-up call from Tel Aviv. While driving is an option, your best option is taking the Masada Sunrise Tour which also visits Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv. Because the tour is self-guided, it is the most cost-effective way to see Masada at sunrise, as well as visit two other major attractions, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. There is no need to coordinate transportation since it is included in the tour.

Also available once a week is the Masada Sunrise Yoga experience, which combines the highlights of the tour with private yoga session atop the fortress at sunrise.

Not an early bird? There are also other tour options to see Masada from Tel Aviv, although these tours do not include Masada at sunrise:

From the quiet morning darkness to a spectacular view as the sun rises over the land surrounding it, seeing Masada at sunrise is worth the early wake-up from Tel Aviv. For those looking for the best way how to Visit Masada at Sunrise from Tel Aviv, there are sure to be endless memories of the unforgettable view.

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