How to Get to the Dead Sea & Masada

The Dead Sea and Masada are two of the most visited sites in Israel, however getting to them, and traveling around this region of the country is not so simple. Public buses are quite infrequent, and often do not stop exactly where you need to go. So, if you’ve wondered how to get to the Dead Sea & Masada, this article will provide you with all the information needed.

Renting a car to get to the Dead Sea, or if you are staying in the region, at the Dead Sea, is one solution which many tourists find. Alternatively, those who are planning to visit for the day, tend to join a group tour or take a private guide which can work out economically.

Tours to Masada and the Dead Sea

Every day, there are many group tours to Masada and the Dead Sea leaving from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. If you would like a fully guided tour of Masada and the Dead Sea, then daily tours leave seven days a week from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Alternatively, the guided Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, and more Tour, which leaves every day from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, is a great option.

If you’re based in Eilat, you can join this Masada, Ein Gedi, and Dead Sea Tour from Eilat or this Dead Sea Tour from Eilat.

For those who have already been to Masada, or who have other interests, check out our Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Jericho, and Jordan River Tour, available twice a week from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

If you like the idea of climbing Masada at sunrise, then a Masada Sunrise Tour leaves from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv every day. We also offer a unique and memorable tour experience that takes place at sunrise and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to practice yoga atop the Masada Fortress. Check out our Yoga Masada Sunrise Tour.

Private tours with a guide are also available. More information about private Masada tours can be found here.

Bus to Masada and the Dead Sea

Dead Sea

A shuttle bus to the Dead Sea runs regularly throughout the week from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Designed for tourists it stops at one of the Dead Sea beaches, provides plenty of time, and returns to Jerusalem in the afternoon. The shuttle costs $45 per person for a round-trip from Jerusalem.

The regular buses from Jerusalem to Eilat travel out of Jerusalem to the east on Road 1, turning right onto Road 90 and passing Masada and the Dead Sea on their journey south, however they do not stop at Masada or Ein Bokek. From Jerusalem, bus line 486 runs 5 times during the day and stops at Masada Junction, from where it’s a walk to the entrance and stops at the main resort of Ein Bokek. The fare is 42 NIS per person each way. From Tel Aviv, there is one daily bus to Masada and the Dead Sea, number 421.

Car Rental for Masada and the Dead Sea

Dead sea

Many visitors choose to rent a car to get to southern Israel. If you plan to stay overnight or would like to explore beyond the most popular tourist sites, this may be the best idea. It is possible to rent a car at the Dead Sea itself (in Ein Bokek), it can be a good idea to rent your car from Ben Gurion Airport, or Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, and drive down to the Dead Sea.

More information about car rental at the Dead Sea can be found here, or alternatively, you can use our car rental engine to find and compare prices for during your trip to Israel.

Two of the most special and noteworthy sites worth visiting in Israel, if you have further questions, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help plan your trip.


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