5 Things You Can Only do in Israel

There are many, many things to do in Israel some of which are totally unique and you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else in the world. When planning your trip to Israel and planning what to do in Israel, this list of five unique things to do are perhaps things you should consider visiting and experiencing because if you don’t you’ll only have to travel to Israel again to experience them.

1. The Dead Sea: THE lowest place on Earth

Unique things to do in Israel by bachmont, on Flickr
Unique things to do in Israel by bachmont, on Flickr

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth at 423 meters (1,388 ft) below sea level. It is a natural health resort and has attracted tourists for thousands of years who came to experience its beauty, amazing saline waters in which you can float naturally, and health-related properties. Today, the Dead Sea continues to attract visitors from around the world who either come for Dead Sea tours for the day from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or stay at one of the many spa hotels at the Dead Sea.

2. Jerusalem. THE holiest place on earth.

The Old City of Jerusalem has got to be the holiest place on earth. It contains important religious sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all within touching distance of each other. Once tourists enter the walled city via one of its gates, they notice a change in the atmosphere. The Old City is a uniquely intense place where local residents, religious Jews, Christian priests, and Arab traders, as well as thousands of tourists from around the world brush shoulders as they go about their business.

3. Tel Aviv. THE Mediterranean ‘Capital of Cool’

Beach Volleyball in Tel Aviv by Flavio@Flickr, on Flickr
Beach Volleyball in Tel Aviv by Flavio@Flickr, on Flickr

There aren’t many, if any, cities in the world as vibrant, diverse, and exciting as Tel Aviv. Although not a huge city by global standards, Tel Aviv is, on the one hand a beach resort with sandy beaches stretching along its western perimeter, and on the other hand, a commercial center with skyscrapers stretching along its eastern perimeter. In between is some of the most incredible architecture, culture, shows, nightlife, and atmosphere you will find anywhere in the world.

4. Walk where the Biblical Stories Took Place

For the first time visitor to Israel, it isn’t until they are on the open road and see a road sign to Nazareth, or Capernaum, or Masada, that they realize that they really are in the land of the Bible. Towns and villages that Jews and Christians from around the world have heard about for their whole lives as the setting of important stories, really exist, and are normal places where you can visit and the, forever after, picture when you hear the stories.

5. Amazing Hospitality

Israel has some of the best hospitality in the world – a fusion of the warmth of Middle Eastern hospitality and the sophistication of European and US hospitality which has been fused in a unique way. As a result Israel has some amazing restaurants, both in the main cities and tucked away in rural backwaters, and there are some world leading hotels in Israel which each have their unique stories. There are also an incredible array of Israel tours which stretch across every possible interest to provide an amazing experience for everyone who visits Israel.

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