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Dead Sea & Masada Travel

  • Float the day away on the daily Dead Sea Tours
    Float the day away on the daily Dead Sea Tours
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  • Dead Sea

    Dead Sea

    The lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea is one of nature's greatest wonders.
  • Tours to Masada and the Dead Sea

    Tours to Masada & Dead Sea

    Tours leave every day from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to Masada and the Dead Sea, with some offering sunrise hikes, and visits to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Private tours can also be arranged.
  • Masada

    The iconic fortress is one of Israel's most impressive sites, and a must-visit on any trip. Most spectacular at sunrise.
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    Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

    Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is an incredible oasis, just aside the famous Dead Sea in Israel's Judean Desert.
  • JudeanDesert

    Judean Desert

    One of the world's smallest deserts, the Judean Desert extends from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea.