Ecological and Environmental Volunteering in Israel

There are so many different ways to experience Israel and volunteering in Israel is just one. GoEco runs environmental and cultural exchanges in which participants come from around the world to volunteer across Israeli society in a huge range of cultural, environmental, ecological, and other meaningful programs ranging from ecotourism internships to nature conservation, and coexistence summer camps to family volunteering. 

GoEco was founded in 2005 with the aim of promoting meaningful travel in Israel through volunteering and cultural exchange as people are beginning to look above and beyond the conventional route of simply paying expensive airfare and over-priced hotel accommodations for their time off from work or school. Since then, GoEco has carefully built dozens of unique volunteer programs with Israel’s leading social and environmental organizations and has hosted over 700 international volunteers. We work with Arab, Jewish and minority communities in Israel and place a strong emphasis on furthering coexistence and local peace initiatives.

Currently, GoEco offers an excellent variety of programs all around Israel:

  • Ecotourism internships at environmentally friendly hostels
  • Nature conservation from desert wildlife to rich coral reefs
  • Summer camps promoting peace and coexistence amongst different cultures
  • Eco-building and sustainable living with experts in the field
  • Environmental study programs on a Kibbutz
  • Family volunteering and tailor made group programs

Many travelers are finding more and more exciting reason to volunteer in Israel.  Packed within the small country of just over 22,000 sq km, located in the heart of the Middle East, people will find just about every climate and every type of activity to fulfill their vacation desires.

From the rolling grassy hills of the Golan Heights, peppered with hot and cold springs, lakes, wildlife, and clearly marked nature routes, to the 45° C dry heat of the southern desert and home of the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea, one thing is for certain: GoEco has something for everyone in Israel.

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