Volunteering on Farms in Israel

WWOOF provides visitors the opportunity to volunteer on organic farms in Israel and experience the rural life that many tourists are oblivious to the existence of. An international organization with a very active Israeli branch, WWOOF works with over 60 farms across Israel to match international volunteers with placements and the experience of living and working in some of Israel’s most unique and fascinating communities.

Israel has a unique agricultural industry, with much of the country’s farms located on traditionally communal settlements – kibbutzim and moshavim (read more about what a kibbutz is). Whilst the ideological nature of these communities has declined significantly over time, and life in kibbutzim and moshavim is now more mainstream in most cases, they are still special and historic communities where the chance to live and work for a short time provides a unique opportunity.

As well as unique communities, Israel’s agriculture is diverse and, in many cases, very specialist, pioneering, and unusual. Opportunities for volunteering with WWOOF Israel include working on an organic olive grove in a kibbutz near Tel Aviv, a medicinal plants farm in the Negev desert, and an ecological center in the green hills of Northern Israel’s Galilee.

For further information about volunteering on farms in Israel, see www.wwoof.org.il

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