Student Discounts in Israel

As in many countries, Israel has hundreds of discounts for students, and it’s worth looking out for them if you’re a student coming to visit. Many institutions, museums, parks, attractions and shows will have separate prices for adults, children, soldiers, the elderly and students. Each place has a different standard of strictness for defining a student, and sometimes you can just say you are a student, and if you look more-or-less the right age (under 30 – Israelis start university later than other countries), you can get the discount.

Student ID in Israel


Increasingly places in Israel are asking to see a student ID, so if you have a student card from your country, or the international ISIC card, it makes things simpler. Even if a place doesn’t display a sign saying that they have discounts for students, you have nothing to lose by asking.


Museums and some national parks almost always have discounts for students, ranging from 10% to 50% off. For example, at the moment, a ticket for the Israel Museum costs 50 NIS, while students pay 37 NIS; the Western Wall tunnels cost 30 NIS for an adult and 15 NIS for a student. Some cafes and restaurants, and even falafel stands, have student discounts – usually the ones nearby the universities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beer Sheva.


Many tour operators offer a discounted rate to students – usually around a 10% discount on day tours around Israel, meaning that when you factor in entrance fees and transportation costs involved in doing these tours yourself, it can actually make financial sense as a student to join a group tour. Some of the tours offering discounts can be found here – check the student price when it comes to making the booking.

Buses and Trains

Public transport policy for students has changed in recent years, and the major bus and train companies now require that you prove your status as student and sign up for a magnetic card called a ‘Rav Kav’ to get the desired 50% discount. Since this is not so practical for most short-term student travelers to Israel, you’ll have to pay the full adult price.

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