Should I take a Tour Package of Israel?

Many travelers planning a trip to Israel have the question of whether to take a tour package of Israel, or instead travel independently taking day tours and group tours combined with free days and time exploring alone. Both approaches can provide an unforgettable trip to Israel, and ultimately there is no right or wrong option. Each option, whether taking a tour package of Israel or traveling independently and taking a few daily tours, has its own distinct advantages, and each option, will provide a slightly different experience when visiting Israel. In this article we will examine the advantages and disadvantages and try to help you decide whether to take a tour package of Israel or not.

The advantages of taking a tour package of Israel

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Taking a tour package of Israel is an option popular with tourists from across the world. Israel tour packages are available every day with guaranteed departures, and there is a whole host of different itineraries available, enabling every tourist to find a tour that meets their requirements and budget. The key advantages of taking a tour package of Israel are as follows:

  • Tour packages of Israel makes for a much simpler trip. Most Israel tour packages include everything you will need in Israel, from pickup from the airport on arrival, all the accommodation and touring, and then dropoff back at the airport at the end of your trip. With a tour package of Israel, you won’t need to worry about the day to day coordination of a trip, planning the itinerary, arranging hotels, or dealing with daily logistics, as it will all be taken care of, and you will be accompanied each day by a guide who is supported by a back office operations team, who can handle all your needs.
  • Taking a tour package of Israel is usually a very good value way to travel if you intend to visit the main highlights of Israel. Most tour packages of Israel, such as our most popular 8 day highlights package, include the major highlights of the country such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Galilee, and also Petra in Jordan. Because the tour operator is arranging large volumes of hotel accommodation, their price can usually be better than if you approach the hotel, and as a result, the overall cost of taking a tour package compared to arranging hotel and daily tours, will usually be significantly cheaper.
  • Tour packages of Israel are fully escorted, and as a result, you will constantly receive knowledge, cultural insight, and information that you would not receive if you were traveling independently. ‘Wasted’ time will be minimal, and there will be minimal delays waiting for public transport, getting lost and so on. Should you be focused on the Christian sites, check out the Holy Land Tour Packages. Whilst these often make for the best travel stories, if you are on a tight timescale and want to see as much as possible in the shortest time, a tour package of Israel provides a really superb opportunity.

The advantages of arranging daily tours of Israel

Daily tours of Israel allow you to create a totally custom trip and combine different aspects as you would like. For example, if you wanted to spend ten days in Israel, with some of the time at the beach relaxing, some enjoying Tel Aviv’s vibrant street culture and cuisine, and some visiting the absolute highlights of Israel, such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and perhaps Petra in Jordan, you can take two or three daily tours on days you decide, and fuse them with your remaining days, to create the vacation you really want. As such, the key advantages of arranging your own daily tours are:

  • More flexibility. Decide where you want to go, when you want to go. With day tours available in Israel every day, you can very easily do what you want, when you want, and maximise your time. That’s especially true if you are one who doesn’t want to be on the day every day, or if you have only a few places you would like to visit.
  • Great for those on a tight budget. If you are on a super tight budget, you can include a few daily tours when visiting the places that are really difficult to reach independently such as the Dead Sea or Petra, or do more in depth touring on your own after taking an introductory tour, for example in Jerusalem.
  • More diversity. If you take daily tours, you’re likely to meet new people every day, with different guides, and different approaches to Israel. Whilst one of the key advantages of a tour package of Israel is the consistency and possibility to meet new people and travel with them for a week or so, daily tours give the potential to meet new people every day.

Weighing it up – should I take a tour package of Israel?

Ultimately the decision to take a tour package of Israel is a personal one. There are clear benefits to taking a tour package or a series of daily tours. Convenience, value for money, and constant guiding are key advantages for taking a tour package, but daily tours perhaps provide more flexibility, a better budget option, and more diversity. We find that travelers who opt for tour packages are generally super happy with their decision, as are those who decide to go plan on their own and take just a series of day tours. We suggest you trust your gut, go with your instinct, and begin to plan your tours in Israel! Our team are here to provide any advice you might need, so feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! You can see our full selection of package tours of Israel and daily tours here.

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