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Parks & National Parks of Israel

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    Top 5 Hiking Spots in Israel

    From the north to the south, and east to west, there are trails to appeal to everyone, from families to intrepid trekkers: here are our top 5 hiking spots in Israel.... explore more
  • best places to see spring flowers in israel

    The Best Places to See the Spring Flowers in Israel

    Spring is the best time to see the flowers in Israel. The weather is pleasant, following the heavy rainfall and chill of winter and just before the heat waves of the summer... explore more
  • Kursi

    Kursi National Park

    Kursi National Park is an archaeological site in Northern Israel enclosing the ruins of a Byzantine monastery. This monastery is identified by tradition as the site of Jesus’ “Miracle of the... explore more
  • Eilat

    Sites in Israel Featured During Eurovision in Tel Aviv 2019

    For those who have been watching the live broadcast of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel many stunning locations and sites across Israel have been featured. From north to south, Israel is... explore more
  • timna park

    Timna Park

    Timna Park is located about 25 km (about 17 miles) north of Eilat in Israel’s Negev Desert. One of the largest attractions in the south of Israel, the park, set in a beautifully... explore more
  • BelvoirFortress2-Kramer

    Belvoir Fortress

    The Belvoir Fortress could be considered one of the north’s best kept secrets in Israel. Just 20 kilometers south of the Sea of Galilee sits the crusader castle that dates back to... explore more
  • Two addax at sunset in Yotvata. Image MathKnight

    Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

    The Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve is designed to breed and foster extinct animals as well as other endangered desert creatures. Located in Southern Israel, Yotvata Hai-Bar is about 30 minutes north... explore more
  • EinatZukim (einat_nat)

    Ein Feshkha (Einot Tzukim)

    Ein Feshkha, also known as Einot Tzukim, is the lowest nature reserve in the world, located in the Judean Desert alongside the shores of the Dead Sea, in the Megilot Region.... explore more
  • Shivta is located in the wilderness of the Negev Desert surrounded by impressive landscapes


    Shivta, in Israel’s Negev Desert is a Nabatean City that forms part of the series of UNESCO Heritage Site Desert Cities which were part of the Nabatean Spice Route, transporting frankincense... explore more
  • The landscape of the Jerusalem Hills surrounding Kastel Fortress

    Kastel Fortress

    Kastel Fortress, just outside Jerusalem has a rich history because of its unique, strategic location, and features the remains of several ancient settlements, and the story of one of the most significant battles... explore more